This Page shows Photographs of Bellringers Old and New
It also contains Links to Bellringing Articles and other Books
by Colin A. Lewis - A local and well travelled Author

Old Ringers New Ringers

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Lewis - Colin A.    Change Ringing in Eastern Breconshire
Lewis - Colin A.    Glasbury Man made Clyro Bells
Lewis - Colin A.    Glasbury Muscle Men
Lewis - Colin A.    The Glasbury Ringing Contest of 1912
Lewis - Colin A.    Glasbury Bell Ringing pre 1838
Lewis - Colin A     Glasbury Bell Ringers 1838 to 1979

Lewis - Colin A.    Did Henry Williams cast the Bells at Llanenog

Lewis - Colin A.    Henry Williams the Glasbury Bellfounder and the Production and Tuning of Bells  ( available for purchase )
Lewis - Colin A     Glasbury Bells and Bellringers   ( available for purchase )
Lewis - Colin A     Under the Black Mountains: The History of Gwernyfed since 1600  ( available for purchase )
Lewis - Colin A     Maisie a Welsh Cob in Mid Wales   ( available for purchase )