Whiting Soc Logo Henry Williams: The Glasbury Bellfounder
And the Production and Tuning of Bells
by Colin A. Lewis
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Picture of Henry Williams The Glasbury Bellfounder

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Primarily this book is about the life and products of Henry Williams of Glasbury, who cast his bells in the period 1677 to 1719. His family history is examined, and his known products are listed, with surviving bells detailed and illustrated.

There are also useful chapters about bellfounding and bell tuning in general, and about another bellfounder who marked his bells “TP” who is believed to have taken over the business of Henry Williams following his death. The book is illustrated in colour, and provides a lot of general information about tonal analysis of bells, harmonic tuning, and so on, in addition to being a detailed history of Henry Williams, and of course, a good read!

A5 format, 112pp,                     Only £6.00
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