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Burying in Woollen Acts  -  This article was researched by Barbara Lloyd

Between1666-80 the Burial in Woollen Acts required the dead to be buried in pure English woollen shrouds to the exclusion of any foreign textiles. This aimed to assist the nation’s economy. The requirement excluded plague victims and the destitute.
It was a requirement that an affidavit be sworn in front of a Justice of the Peace (usually by a relative of the deceased), confirming burial in wool, with the punishment of a £5 fee for noncompliance. Burial entries in parish registers were marked with the word "affidavit" or its equivalent to confirm that affidavit had been sworn; it would be marked "naked" for those too poor to afford the woollen shroud.

Extract From "The Registers of Glasbury Breconshire"

“The last of September there was an affidavit made and returned to me to be registred before Henry Probert, Esq®, by Elizabeth Myle of this parish. Wittnessed by John Sargent and Elizabeth Davies 1678.

Anne Watkins, wid., of Cumbach interred October y® 24th, an affidavit for burying in Woolen made the 28th before Henry Probert, Esq'', by Anne Madocks of this parish. Wittnessed by John Sargent and Phelip Watkins 1678.

William David of this Parish buried at Llyswen October the . . . An oath made 8ber 28th before Walter Vaughan, Esq., by Margerett David of Llyswen, Wittnessed by Margarett W™ and Da Jones 1678.

Mary the wife of Wm Andrew interrd at Llyswen October y® 24th. An oath made y® 28th before Walter Vaughan, Esq., by Margerett David of Llyswen. Wittnessed by Margarett Wm and Da : Jones 1678.

These are the first Certificates I received and filed for burying in wollen.”

Source : -     "The registers of Glasbury, Breconshire : 1660-1836 ; Transcribed by Thomas Wood"    

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