Lost and Possible Burial Chambers
This page is an extract from "The Neolithic Chambered Tombs of Breconshire" by N W Jones published January 2012

CPAT Report No. 1126 The Neolithic Chambered Tombs of Breconshire
Possible and lost tombs:

Carn Goch

Grid reference: SO 2122 1771
Access: Site within a recreation area with public access
Excavation: None
PRN: 691
There is some uncertainty regarding the nature of the remains at Carn Goch, which lies on the edge of Llangattock. The site consists of a large mound around 17m in diameter and 1.4m high within which a single chamber was discovered by workmen in 1847. The chamber was 2.6m long, 1.2m wide and 0.7m high and contained the skeletal remains of perhaps a single individual. It is possible that this was a large cist within a later Bronze Age round barrow, rather than the remains of a chambered tomb. Apart from the mound itself the visible remains consist of a large slab, possibly the capstone, beneath which two further stones are just visible (RCAHMW 1997, 54-6).

Croes Llechau

Grid reference: SO 1672 3626
Access: Private land with no public access
Excavation: None
PRN: 515
The site at Croes Llechau was described by Edward Lhuyd around 1700 and survived in some form at least until 1802 when it was noted by Colt Hoare, although today there is no visible trace. It appears to have included a main chamber at the eastern end with a possible false portal nearby, a second chamber at the west end and a small side chamber (RCAHMW 1997, 47-8).