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This article on established charities was researched and contributed by Barbara Lloyd

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See Glasbury p 364
The sum of 61 8s 6d has been annually received by the churchwardens of this parish early in the year who have been in the habit of expending about Il 10s shortly after its receipt in the purchase of bread and distributing the rest in money in sums of from Il to 5s The recipients of the bread and money are selected by the vestry with the churchwardens and overseers from the deserving poor of the parish not receiving parochial aid and the names of those to whom the money is given are regularly entered in a book devoted to this sole purpose (p 358)


John Havard by Will dated 17th December 1726 and proved at Brecon in 1728 gave the sum of 10s in trust that the interest thereof should be yearly distributed equally between the poor of the parish of Broynllis and that part of the parish of Glasbury lying within the county of Brecon. It js also stated on the table of benefactions in the parish church that a person unknown gave 101 to be laid out at interest for the use of the poor of this parish These two sums viz the 101 given by the person unknown and the moiety of the 101 given by John Havard were in the hands of the Rev Benjamin Howell formerly minister of the erish of Broynllis at the time of his decease which took place in the year 1816 Mr swell's note of hand was produced for the sum 15 t bearing date 2d June 1789 but at the period of this Inquiry June 1836 the principal remained unpaid and no interest had been received since his death as appeared by an entry in the overseer's book On a representation of the facts being however made by the Charity Commissioners to his son Thomas Howell of the White House Builth he consented to take up his father's note but without payment of the arrears of interest and the 15 is now lodged in the Brecon savings bank


Sir David Williams by Will dated 15th January 1612 directed that the great tithes of the parish of Gwenddwr in the county of Brecknock should be disposed of for ever to the uses after mentioned viz 41s yearly for the maintenance of the bridge of Glasbury 10s for a sermon to be yearly preached for ever on each Palm Sunday in the parish church of Glasbury and on the same day 30s to be bestowed in bread amongst the said parish 20s yearly for repairing the highway from Loyney bach to Pontithel bridge and 20s a year for the repairs of the road from Velindre to Tilleglase 10s for a sermon to be preached every Whitsunday for ever in the chapel of Ystraedvellty 30s in bread for the poor of that parish 10s for a sermon to be preached on Trinity Sunday for ever at Aberllonvey and in bread to the poor of the said parish of Velindre 30s and 5l 10 more to be yearly disposed of for ever in relieving the distressed poor sort of people about Gwernevett with meat drink and clothing at the discretion of his executors for ever.
At the time the testator made his Will the great tithes of Gwenddwr produced but 20l annum and it is reasonable to suppose that the testator stated the various sums in his Will upon the calculation that the property bequeathed would not admit a more extended scheme The tithes having however greatly increased in amount and one of descendants of the testator having withheld the payment not only of the increased income also of the sum of 20l per annum named by the testator in his Will an information was in the year 1745 for the purpose of establishing the charity
The Lord Chancellor by his decree bearing date 1753 declared that the whole amount of the rents and profits of the said tithes ought to be applied to the charitable uses and purposes directed by the testator's Will and decreed that the said charitable uses should be established accordingly and it having been referred to one of the Masters of the Court to consider in what proportions and to what amount the respective charitable uses directed the said testator's Will ought to be augmented the Master by his report dated November 1760 (confirmed by the Court on the 4th March 1761) found that the tithes then amounted to 50l a year clear of all taxes and outgoings and that it was proposed that 41 a year given by the said testator's Will for repairing the Glasbury bridge should be augmented to 10l a year that the 10s a year given to the vicar of Glasbury for preaching a sermon at Glasbury on Palm Sunday yearly should be augmented to 20s a year for preaching such sermon; that the sum of 30s given for bread to the poor of Glasbury and distributed by equal portions on Palm Sunday and All Holland day should be augmented to 41 a year and paid on the days aforesaid that the sum of II given yearly for repairing the road from Velindre to Tilleglass should be augmented to 2l 10s a year and the like sum of II given yearly for repairing the road from Loyney bach to Pontithell bridge should augmented to 11 10s a year that the 10s a year given to the vicar of St Jonn the Evan gelist Brecon for preaching a sermon on Ash Wednesday there yearly should be to 20s a year that the sum of 40s a year given to be laid out in bread and amongst the poor of the parish of St John the Evangelist on Ash Wednesday yearly be augmented to the sum of 51 5s yearly and payable in manner following the sum 40s on Ash Wednesday 30s on Whit Sunday and 35s on Michaelmas day yearly the sum of 10s a year given by the testator's Will to the reader and preacher of for preaching a sermon yearly on Whit Sunday should be augmented to 20s; that the of 30s a year given to be yearly laid out in bread and distributed to the poor of Ystraedvellty should be augmented to 4.1 yearly and paid by equal portions on the following days viz 40s on Whit Sunday and 40s on All Holland day yearly; that the sum of 10s to be paid to the reader and preacher for preaching a sermon at Aberllonvey on Trinity Sunday yearly be augmented to 20s a year; that the sum of 30s a year given to be out in bread and distributed among the poor of Aberllonvey should be augmented to 4l a year and paid in equal portions on Trinity Sunday All Holland- day, Candlemas-day and Easter Monday that 5l 10s a year given for relieving the poor and distressed sort of people should be augmented to 13l 10s and annually laid out as Sir Edward bart should think fit and that 1s in the pound should be paid to the receiver for collecting and managing the tithes.
The final decree in this cause (Attorney General versus Sir Edward Williams) confirming the above report bears date 28th July 1784 from which period the charity appears to been regularly distributed according to the scheme mentioned above the only variation being an increase in the payments in proportion with the improvement in the funds of charity.
The last deed appointing trustees of this charity bears date 19th August 1823 the premises (by the description of the impropriate rectory of the parish of Gwenddwr in county of Brecon with the great tithes thereunto belonging) were conveyed to Walter Wilkins the elder Henry Allen and Hugh Bold esqs the Rev Richard Davies clerk Walter Wilkins Thomas Wood Thomas Wood the younger William Henry Wood Henry Allen Humphrey Allen Penry Williams Penry Williams the younger Walter Wilkins the younger Launcelot Morgan and John Lloyd esqs and the Rev Hugh Bold (of whom Walter Wilkins the elder, Walter Wilkins of Woodlands, Thomas Wood and William Henry Wood are dead) upon the several trusts declared by the Master's report above mentioned. The present amount of the tithes which are let on compositions is 139Il 1s a very material increase having taken place since the year 1819. The following is the statement of the several lettings and receipts for the year 1835 being the latest account at the period of our Inquiry July 1830:
£ s d
Thomas Williams Baelihalog 1 15 0
Richard Williams Garraglvvyd 1 2 6
John Davies Nantymrad 3 10 0
John Williams Hendy 1 2 0
William Pritchard Tumpurth 0 11 0
Mrs Lloyd Errwhir 3 5 0
William Morgan Penrhu 7 11 6
Ditto Abergwenddwr
Thomas Williams Cottage 0 1 6
Evan Davies Bunhoile 3 15 0
Mr Bowcott Bedw ETC 1 0 0
Mr Wale Court 4 0 0
Mr Bowcott Vron 6 16 0
Ditto Blaengwenddwr
J William Pritchard Garth 2 9 0
Evan Price Cwm Garth 3 8 6
John James Groesweu 1 15 0
Roger and John Powell Ynesgwy 10 4 0
Ditto Pantyrwyn
William Williams Cottage 0 1 0
David Price Tregare 3 0 0
John Parry Maesllettwr 4 10 0
Thomas Jones Tyrcamas 3 0 0
Henry Davies Gornoes 2 12 6
William Griffiths Llethergrythe 2 5 6
Martha Parry Fedwrhir 1 7 6
John Lawrence Enwhangell 1 10 0
John Prothero Pentwyn 1 2 6
John Beryton Keven Herwain 4 0 0
John Price Lowie Llaneglws 3 12 6
Mr Williams Upper Llaneglws 5 15 0
Rees Pugh Nantymynach 1 10 0
William Pugh Penygrithin 1 6 0
William Williams Lether 1 10 0
William Powell Pentwyn 1 6 0
Thomas Lawrence Cwttws Hirwen 1 5 0
William Davies Gledwin 1 1 0
William Probert Tyry Parker 1 5 0
Henry Williams (mason) Cottage 0 2 6
John Griffiths Gledwen 2 8 0
James Williams Hyrdyr 2 15 0
Joseph Jonas Cwmgwenddwr 1 7 0
John Williams Gledwen 1 5 0
Rees Williams Gelly Rhydd 2 0 0
Thomas Pugh Foty 1 12 0
John Jones Cwm 0 6 0
Messrs Powell and Co For the hamlet Troscoed in Gwenddwr 33 0 0 ---------- Total 139 1 0
This sum is subject to the following charges
Land tax 4 14 10
Crown rent 4 12 6
Poors rates on an average of the last 10 years ending with 1835 21 2 10 ½
Commission to the collector at 1s in the pound generally about 6 7 6
Dinners to tithe payers on an average of the last 10 years ending June 1835 3 14 5 ¼
Sundry expenses on the like average 0 12 1 1
To the solicitor and treasurer to the charity five per cent on the amount distributed on the like average 5 5 2
The surplus remaining after these payments is apportioned in the following manner item having been the same in amount since the year 1819 when the tithe compositions were raised to the present sum:-
Repairs of Glasbury Bridge 16 1 3
For mending the highway leading from Lloyney bach to Pontithell Bridge 4 0 3
For mending the highway leading from Velindre to Tyleglas 4 0 3
For a sermon on Palm Sunday at the parish church of Glasbury 1 12 1 ½
For bread for the poor of that parish 6 8 6
For a sermon on Ash Wednesday at the parish church of St John the Evangelist 1 12 1
For bread for the poor of that parish 8 8 6
For a sermon on Whit Sunday at the parish church of Ystraedvellty 1 12 1
For bread for the poor of that parish 6 8 6
For bread for the poor of the hamlets of Aberllunvey and Velindre 6 8 6
For relieving the distressed poor sort of people about Gwernevett 22 2 5 ½
The above sums are forwarded to the parties respectively entrusted with the distribution of them for which see the parishes entitled.
No sermon has been preached at Aberllunvey for nearly 100 years the chapel there having fallen into decay. This part of the testator's bequest had consequently ceased even at the time of filing the information before alluded to. Whatever balance may remain beyond the several payments before specified is set apart to constitute what is termed a contingent fund for the purpose of meeting any accidental charges that may be thrown upon the charity. This fund now amounts to 1421 0s 3d; and it was proposed at the period of this Inquiry that a meeting of the trustees should shortly be held for the purpose of applying it in such way as they might think most beneficial for the objects entitled to participate in the benefaction. The last meeting of the trustees took place in the year 1823 prior to which they met more frequently although not every year. The management of the charity rests in the interval between the meetings with the solicitor. The share due to this parish 6 8 6d is annually distributed in bread about Easter among the poor of the entire parish of Glasbury including that portion which is in the county of Radnor. The sum destined for the repair of Glasbury Bridge 16 Is 3d per annum is paid over to the treasurer for the county of Radnor when demanded.

These hamlets are likewise entitled to the sum of 6 8 6d per annum from the charity which is also annually distributed in bread about Easter among the poor of hamlets generally.

GWERNEVETT IN HAMLET OF VELINDRE The 13l 10s directed to be distributed among the poor about Gwernevett is by the trustees to the sole purpose of clothing. The distribution is not made annually sum being too small to afford efficient relief to all the poor. It is therefore suffered to accumulate for two or three years and then laid out in the purchase of articles of clothing and bed clothes which are distributed among all the deserving poor of Velindre and Aberllunvey. The recipients have been for some years selected by Henry Allen esq of The Lodge Hay one of the trustees and the nearest resident gentleman to Gwernevett
REPAIRS OF HIGHWAYS This portion of the charity is likewise under the sole management of Mr Allen. The money ( 8 0 6d per annum) is not received yearly but suffered to remain in the hands treasurer to the charity until the roads require repairs and is then drawn and applied strictly for this purpose

HAMLET OF PIPTON SYBIL WILLIAMS'S CHARITY For the origin of this charity see Parish of Broynllis (p 363) The sum of II is annually received about Easter by the churchwarden of this the hands of the minister of Glasbury and by the churchwarden distributed at in sums of 1 and 2 among the oldest poor of the Brecknockshire division including the hamlets of Velindre and Tregoid as well as that of Pipton of this charity will in future be confined to the hamlet of Pipton as the testatrix.
(p 367)