The Glasbury Angling Club
A general look at Angling in the area, with particular reference to the Glasbury Angling Club



Founding Members

David Ellis, Secretary
  in the early 1970's and

current Chairman

John Pledge, Chairman
    in the early 1970's

 Bill Bowker Treasurer
   in the early 1970's



The Glasbury Angling Club

The Early Years

The Wye has always been regarded as an excellent game and coarse fishing river and the stretch flowing though Glasbury is no exception. Here, for the coarse angler, the fish include :-- Bream, Chub, Dace, Eel, Gudgeon, Lamprey, Minnow, Perch, Pike, Roach and over recent years the Barbel, a great fighter and much sought after, and which has now migrated well above the river at Glasbury - to the detriment of the salmon whose habitat it favors.

From time immemorial the residents of Glasbury have had the right to fish for coarse fish and trout from the furthest point of the island below the bridge to the start of the wall by the Old Vicarage above the bridge. This was a courtesy of the de Wintons of Maesllwch Castle, but on no account was salmon fishing allowed; which was and still is, a preserve of the wealthy. All that was needed for the village water was a keen resident with a fishing licence.
Despite the free fishing, angling was not straightforward for the working man, with weekends and evenings providing their only fishing time - and not easy at all for some-one raising a family. Along with this, Glasbury has always been a hot spot for locals and tourists to sunbath, picnic, swim and canoe, especially in summer and generally above the bridge, with the more adventurous paddling across to the island.

So, what to do now?. The Racing and the Football had both gone by the mid to late 1960's. Thus it was mooted that an Angling Club should be considered. With this in mind a meeting was called in the Glasbury Village Hall in January 1970. After a rumbustious debate it was decided to form a club and this would be called the Glasbury Angling Club with a committee of the founding members plus a Junior Representative; this being Master Tim Northam who lived in the Old Forge just past the Maesllwch Hotel (now Foyles of Glasbury). Tim's mother Jo' was a prominent and active member on the Parish and later Community Council for many years and is fondly remembered by all who were fortunate enough to know her.
Further meetings were held at Glasbury House, this being a cheaper alternative and Major Curtis was approached to be the Clubs President. He duly agreed and officiated at the Club dinners and prize giving. Further to this the owner of the Spread Eagle fishing, March and Baxters at the time, gifted the coarse fishing on the footpath above the bridge on the true right bank to the Club. In 1970 the Club also acquired the fishing rights to Llanbwlchllyn Lake which they still retain to this day. The GAC was also one of the earliest clubs to admit female members, both junior and adult, and is a policy which pertains to this day. New members are always welcome.


Above left - Major Curtis presenting Master Philip Griffiths with shield and trophy; with Dave Ellis in the left background.
Above right - Steve Miles with a record 23lb cod on a sea fishing trip to Swansea in 1976; The record still stands today. Dave Ellis is in the background.

Modern Times

In the interim the Glasbury Angling Club has gone through interesting times, causing Dave Ellis to resign as the Club threatened to become elitist, inward looking and dis -interested in taking on new members. Common sense eventually prevailed and the Club is now a thriving enterprise with some 60+ members including 9 Juniors. Dave Ellis is now back as Chairman and the Club has transferred it's allegiance to Foyles of Glasbury, where they hold regular meetings and their Annual Dinner.The Club now has more Officers (see below) and runs more activities. These include Members meetings at Foyles, club records for each species of fish, angling events (including sea fishing trips) , numerous competitions at adult and junior levels and an Annual Prize giving alongside their Annual Dinner.

Current Officers 2023  : --

Chairman - Mr D. Ellis       Secretary - Mr N. Jones      Treasurer - Mr J. Holmes

Match Secretary - Mr I. Mcenzie       Events Organizer - Mr W. Price

Club Records

1) Junior Freshwater Records click here

2) Adult Freshwater Records click here

3) Adult Sea/Saltwater Records click here

4) Adult Sea/Saltwater measured Records click here


B Bowker

Sources : --   B Bowker and Dave Ellis with photographs from respective Club Members
                     Club Records courtesy of Dylan Ellis






Active Current Members

Paul Ashton with Pike, caught
just above Bulters Pool

Stuart Gerrish with Barbel caught with pellet on Maesllwch Beat at 10:30pm

Iain Mcenzie with Barbel on
05.07.2019 in a friendly Match on
the Maesllwch stretch