Glasbury United Football Team
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Photo courtesy of Fred Lloyd

The Glasbury United Football Team

Initially the club membership was strong enough to support two teams and they played in both the Hereford and Welsh Leagues; usually deploying their first team in the Hereford league. This subterfuge was eventually discovered and they had to make a choice between the two. This was when they became affiliated solely to the Welsh Division.
Tom Stather ran the team and organised dances for fund raising to buy their kit and pay for travel, to away matches. They occurred mainly in St Peters Hall and occasionally in the upstairs room of the Maesllwch Arms Hotel.

The first pitch the team played on was at Roche Morgan's field, across the road from the Glasbury Scout Hut, left of the river below the bridge and in Radnorshire. They then moved over the bridge onto the grove and into Breconshire. Later still they had to move further on down the grove as the river gradually eroded its true right bank, making the existing pitch too narrow to be of practical use.
These goal-posts still survive at the present time ( August 2013 ), although one of them has been flattened by a recent flood.

The Glasbury team played league football until the late 1960's, and after this time continued at a friendly level until the late 70's. This final decade being a last hurrah for the Glasbury youngsters such as Mike Prosser, Martin Thomas, Philip Grifffiths, 'Snowy' Jones and friends.

Glasbury United at the Corries ground with Brecon Football League Trophy
- 1965/66
Photo courtesy of John Thomas

Individual medal for each player- 1965/66
Photo Courtesy of Elwyn Jones

The Pitch on the Gro in August 2013 showing the broken goal-post
B Bowker

B Bowker   25.08.2013


Tom Davies, Paul Greenow, Peter Leighton, Bob Little, Fred Lloyd, Nigel Keylock, Elwyn Jones and John Thomas