Education in the Glasbury Area
A series of articles on State and Private Education at both Primary and Secondary level


Coed-y-Bolen School - Researched and written by Christine Forbes ( nee Lloyd )

Coed-y-Bolen after it's closure in 2012 - B Bowker - 04 10 2013
On the left is Fanny Jones, Headmistress from 6th Nov 1893 to 21st Dec 1923 ( resigned ).            On th right is Mr Thomas Jones, Headmaster from 14 April 1924 to 25th Feb. 1944 and Staff
Jane Powell was a Supply Teacher from the 8th Jan 1924 until Mr Thomas Jones, the new Head, was appointed.

Historical Background

According to Theophilus Jones’ “History of the County of Brecknock” (published 1805) the first school in Glasbury was housed in St. Peter’s Church:
“St. Peter’s church: nave and chancel with a heavy tower to the west end in which there are 6 bells and below a very comfortable schoolroom, furnished with a stove, wherein children are taught reading, writing and arithmetic supported partly by the contributions of the most opulent inhabitants and partly by the parents of some of the children, who pay for their education; it is now in a flourishing condition and a master was some time back appointed, who is competent in the undertaking.”
(The church he is describing is not the current church which was rebuilt in 1838).

From a letter lodged in the Lambeth Palace Archive written in September 1814 (see Appendix 1 at the end of this item), it seemed that a group of people in the Parish were contemplating the introduction of the Madras System of Education (a monitorial system) but were hampered by a lack of premises suitable for the numbers of children envisaged. This obstacle was overcome by the generosity of Miss Bridget Hughes of Glasbury House who provided the necessary finance for a new schoolroom on the understanding that the new school would have the patronage of the National Society.

And so Glasbury Parochial School, which later came to be known as Coed-y-Bolen, opened its doors in 1816 and continued to educate children of the village and surrounding area until 2012.

A statement in the “Glasbury Parochial School: Rules and Regulations 1816”, informs us that the following Inscription was engraved on a tablet placed on the wall at the head of Glasbury school room:

“This room was erected at the expense of Miss Bridget Hughes, Glasbury House, for the sole purpose of instruction upon the improved system of education in this year 1816.”

This generous action cost Miss Hughes £211-17-6. Possibly the land was given by Colonel Wood.

At a General meeting of the subscribers to Glasbury School, held in the school room on 18th September, 1816, with Colonel Wood, MP, in the chair, the following rules were agreed :

1. That this school be called Glasbury School and that the new system of education alone be adopted in it.
2. That it consist of as many as the room will contain and that one half at least be children of the poor who are to be instructed free of expence, the remainder to pay at the rate of half a guinea per annum.
3. That an annual subscriber of half a guinea or a subscriber to the building of 5 guineas have the nomination of one poor child annually; and that if a sufficient number of children be not recommended by subscribers the Committee be empowered to complete the number.
4. That the master of the School be appointed by a general meeting of the subscribers; that he be a member of the church of England and a regular communicant.
5. That the children attend divine service every Sunday and that the church catechism be repeated at least once a week and explained by the master.
6. That Miss B. Hughes be patroness and that Colonel Wood, MP, Lord of the Manor, Sir Charles Morgan, Bart., MP, and Walter Wilkins, Esq., MP, be patrons of this institution.
7. That a treasurer be appointed who shall receive the subscriptions and pay all demands upon the Society, when signed by 2 of the Committee.
8. That a committee of ladies and gentlemen be appointed (3 of whom be a quorum) who shall visit the School and direct all its concerns.
9. That children from the neighbouring parishes be admitted on the same terms with those of the parish of Glasbury.
10. That parents having more than 2 children at the School will not be required to pay more than 1 guinea per annum.
11 That the following ladies and gentlemen be appointed to the Committee:
Viscountess Hereford, the Hon. Mrs. Wilkins, Miss Allen, Mrs Williams, Mrs. Howell, Miss J. Hughes, Mrs. Papendick, Miss Pritchard and Mrs. Jones, Viscount Hereford, Charles Morgan, Esq., Mr P. Walter Wilkins Jun. Esq., Henry Allen, Esq., Rev. J. Warry, Vicar, Joseph Hughes, Esq., Mr James Morgan, Mr John Morgan Jun. and Rev. James Jones.
12. That Mr Morgan be appointed treasurer.
13. That an annual general meeting of the subscribers be held at the school room on the 18th day of September for examination of the state of the School and auditing the accounts.
14. That this day be considered the commencement of the second year and the subscriptions be calculated accordingly.
15. That the salary of the schoolmaster be fixed at £40 a year with the use of the house and garden.
16. That Thomas Jones be appointed master as long as he continues to discharge the duties of his situation to the satisfaction of the Committee.
17. That the Committee be empowered to make such further regulations as they may think proper for the management of this institution which regulations to be approved by the annual general meeting, provided always that such regulations shall in no instance militate against the intention and spirit of the foregoing regulations.
18. That is it expedient that this school should be placed in union with the national school.
And so Glasbury Parochial School, which later came to be known as Coed-y-Bolen, opened its doors in 1816 and continued to educate children of the village and surrounding area until 2012.

Extract from the AGM of Subscribers: 1823

That all National Schools being Sunday as well as daily school, the children of this school be ordered on pain of expulsion to attend in their places every Lord’s Day and go in procession to church both morning and evening and that the master take special care that the hours at school be wholly devoted to the acquisition of religious knowledge.

Extract from the AGM of Subscribers: 1824

That the meeting, although it views with satisfaction that the resolution for enforcing regular attendance has as far as it regards the parents been obeyed, still has cause to lament that the school does not exhibit that degree of order and proficiency which its supporters had a right to expect. That it being learnt with regret that the children waste in play and idleness the hours which ought to be devoted to the business of the school, a meeting be soon convened for the purpose of devising some means of correcting the evil.

Extract from the AGM of Subscribers: 1839

It was further resolved that as the National System had been tried and failed – the poorer classes (for whose benefit the school was established) having objected to send their children – that the old system be incorporated with the new, in the hope that those prejudices may be removed and the parish thereby induced to send their children regularly to school.


Mr Thomas Jones took up post in 1816 but his services were dispensed with in 1837 and in 1838 Mr and Mrs Wilkes from Cheltenham took over, at a salary of £50 per annum. However, this figure could not be sustained as the number of subscribers had reduced. In September 1839 they were advised that they would have to accept a salary of £40 per annum or resign. They chose the latter option and left in December 1839. Following the departure of the Wilkes and advertising of the post, numerous applications were received and Mr and Mrs Howe were appointed to commence on 21st January, 1840 at a salary of £40 per annum. Their services were dispensed with in July 1841 to be followed by : -
1841 Charles Mould
1863 William Palin
1881 (17th January) Joseph Warwick
1885 (5th January) Joseph Booth Marshall
1893 (6th November) Fanny Jones resigned 21st December, 1923
1924 (8th January) Jane Powell (supply teacher pending arrival of new head).
1924 (14th April) Thomas Jones resigned 25th February, 1944
1944 (28th Feb.) Miss Erben (pending arrival of new head).
1944 (3rd April) Gwyn Evans retired 31st August, 1967.
1967 (4th September) R. Sayles died in post 25th February, 1976.
Mrs C.W. Davies and Mrs B. Lewis until the arrival of new head
1977 (1st January) David Carter Ward
1986 (2nd September) Paul Baker
1996 Gaynor Bevan
2001 Miriam Knight
2012 Ashley Clare

The school closed in 2012.

Extracts from School Log Books - 1863 to 1902


7th Sept. – As usual many were absent, especially in the first class, owing to the long harvest.
22nd Sept. – I found it necessary to caution the children against interfering with the ponies and their foals.
23rd Sept. – Owing to Talgarth Fair the attendance in 1 & 2 was less than usual.
2nd Oct. – I had to caution the children one more concerning the ponies and even to threaten punishment.
19th Oct. – Many of the older ones were absent potato picking and apple picking.
26th Oct. – many of the older ones potato and apple picking.
27th Oct. – In the afternoon Mrs Palin in the school as I attended Battalion Drill at Llyswen.
8th Dec. – Cautioned the children against interfering with the Quarrymen. Quarry very dangerous.
18th Dec. – Henry Saunders age 8 very refractory and very disobedient and also saucy. Punished very severely with the rod.
21st Dec. – Children assembled in the school as usual but owing to so few being present we broke up for a fortnight’s holiday.

On books: October 5th 71 January 4th   84


4th Jan. – commenced school with 20, partly owing to the cold weather, only 1 in 3rd class, and partly owing to the rejoicings at Tregoyd.
28th Jan. - Annie Whitney was lightly burnt on each arm, through playing in the school during the dinner hour. Cautioned the children about playing in school and spoke of the danger of being careless when near the fire.
5th Feb. – Gave notice to the children of the concert to be held in the village in aid of the school. Given by Ch. Duair and a few friends.
10th Feb. – Mrs Palin kept school in this afternoon on account of the “rehearsals” for concert held in the evening. Full room gave every satisfaction.
10th Feb. – Ash Wednesday. Children went to the church in the morning.
19th Feb. – Re-organised the school and moved the master’s desk. A decided improvement inmany respects, having a better view of the children during their work and greater convenience in assembling and dismissing them. Received orders from Mr Alford to get some competent person to give an estimate of a few necessary repairs, new desks, benches and cupboards.
22nd Feb. – Bitterly cold morning, deep snow.
24th Feb. – Severely cold day – many little ones absent owing to that.
25th Feb. – Snowing the greater part of the day, especially in the morning.
10th March – Deep snow during the night and in the early part of the morning.
21st March – Fair at the Hay caused many absentees in first class.
23rd March – Mr Bynon came and took an account of the necessary repairs, desks, forms, cupboards in order to send in the required estimate.
24th March – many of the elder ones absent this week, their parents wanting them to assist in the cultivation of their gardens.

Total number on the books, Jan 4th – 84, April 4th – 76.
Highest average – 45. Lowest average – 18.3. Quarterly average – 34.

5th April – On enquiring the cause of so many absentees, it appeared that the boys were at home helping their parents in the gardens.
6th April – Objected to Mr Bynon’s estimates for the necessary repairs to the school and for the new furniture.
7th April – The 3rd class read fairly, while very well, but their arithmetic is rather backward, most of them having been to a Dame school.
20th April – Spoke to the children of the Missionary meeting on Wednesday, April 27th.
28th April –Holiday, Festival, Brecon.
10th May – Rev. Mr Beavan, one of the Diocesan Inspectors, visited the school. He kindly gave a few good hints about our school furniture, benches, desks and the cheapest and best way to get them.
11th May – Rev. S. Alford much pleased with Mr Beavan’s remarks respecting the school furniture and decided on getting some from the same place.
17th May – Holiday – Hay Fair.
18th May – Second Fair Day at Hay.
20th May – In the afternoon Mrs Palin in the school as I attended Battalion at Llangorse.
27th May – Many absent owing to the charity bread being distributed in the churchyard.
7th June – Mr Prosser complained of children interfering with masons and the navies. Reprimanded children.
9th June – Rejoicings in the village – marriage of Captain Frank de Witnton.
10th June - Levi Morgan severely punished for leaving school without leave the previous Tuesday. Very impertinent with Mr Prosser, mason and contractor.
13th June – Hay Fair. Cause of many being absent.

Total number on books: ~April 4th – 76; July 4th – 77.
Highest average 51.2 Lowest average 22.8 Quarterly average: 40.7

4th July - Absentees chiefly in first class. Hay making began.
2nd Aug. – Oddfellows Club at Maesllwch Arms. Service in church at 12. Afternoon holiday.
5th Aug. – Closed the school for 4 weeks holiday.
7th Sept. – Very much pleased with the new desks.
12th Sept. – Mrs Alford and party visited the school in the afternoon. Gave some nice little books to me to give to the most deserving.
26th Sept. – Many absent owing to the rejoicings at Hay on the occasion of the opening of the Hereford, Hay and Brecon railway.
10th Oct. – Hay Fair cause of falling off in the number of children in attendance.
12th Oct. – Spoke to the children on the dangers of trespassing on any part of the railway, especially to the younger ones.
13th Oct. – many of the elder boys potato picking and apple picking. All this is the cause of the irregular attendance at this time of the year.
20th Oct. – Most of the absentees apple picking and potato picking.
31st October – many of the older children apple and potato picking.
2nd Nov. – Talgarth Fair. Big boys absent in 1st and 2nd class.
4th Nov. – School treat afternoon – 56 present. The following subscribers and friends visited the school and took part in the games and assisted in serving the children to tea and cake. Mrs Alford, Miss Alford, Miss Jones, Miss Eames, Miss Bridgewater, Mrs Watkins and party, Miss Croake and many other friends. They were pleased with their behaviour and their singing gave general satisfaction.
7th Nov. – 2 first class boys were severely punished with the rod for disgraceful conduct in the churchyard; throwing filthy dirt on the church doors and stones at the bells. In addition to this they learnt 17 verses, III Reading Book.
23rd Dec. – Broke up for Christmas holidays.

Average for winter – 42.7
Number on books October 3rd – 65. Jan 2nd – 65.


Jan. 30th – Feb. 3rd – holidays owing to the severity of the weather.
1st March – Being Ash Wednesday all of us attended service in church at 11.00 a.m.
17th March – No sewing owing to Mrs Palin being very ill and consequently she was unable to have the girls in the kitchen.
20th March – very cold wintery weather.
21st March - ~Girls sewing only 1 hour on account of Mrs Palin’s illness.

Number on books January 2nd – 69. April 3rd – 65.
Average for quarter – 40.5
The irregular attendance which characterises this quarter is entirely owing to the severity of the weather and the prevalence of sickness in the neighbourhood.

April 4th – Rev. J. Alford and Rev. J. Williams examined school desks. Thought them very good ones though rather too dear.
April 5th – Rev. W.L. Beavan, the Diocesan Inspector, visited the school.
April 14th – Good Friday. Holiday. Church service in the morning.
April 24th – Most of the absentees were planting potatoes.
May 1st – George Whitney gone to another school in the village.
May 17th – Holiday on account of Hay Pleasure Fair.
May 18th – Thin attendance owing to the Hay Pleasure Fair.
May 25th – Being Ascension Day the children attended Divine Service in the church at 11.00. A few of the younger ones remained in school under the care of Mrs Palin.
June 7th – General holiday. Bath and West of England Agricultural Show at Hereford this week.
June 12th – many absent in the first class owing to the Hiring Fair at Hay.
June 26th – Hay making.

Number on books January 2nd– 69. April 3rd – 65. July 3rd – 66.
Average for quarter – 42.7.

July 31st – Many children enquired about the harvest holidays as the harvest had fairly begun and they would be leaving to assist their parents.
Aug. 1st – Holidays afternoon – Oddfellows Club day.
4 weeks holiday form August 4th.

Oct. 2nd – Many absent due to potato picking.
Oct. 25th – Annual school treat in the morning.

Number on books Oct. 2nd – 72 January 2nd– 76
Average for quarter – 56; Highest average - 63; Lowest average – 46.


22nd Jan. – Admitted William Evans, aged 10 years. Writing and figures very backward. He has previously been to a dame school.
1st Feb. – School closed at half past three to enable Head to be present at the Llyswen Concert held in the National School room in the evening.
14th Feb. – Ash Wednesday. Children attended Service in the church at 11.00.
19th Feb. – Many absent owing to the prevalence of sickness in the neighbourhood and especially among the schoolchildren.
14th March – Day of humiliation on account of the cattle plague. Attended Divine Service in the church at 11.00.
Usual week’s holiday at Easter.
Number on books January 2nd– 76. April 8th – 74.
Average attendance – 53; Highest – 59; Lowest – 41.

11th April – Mrs Palin in charge of the school the whole of the day as I was occupied in preparing for the rehearsal of the concert to be given in the village in the evening for the school.
12th April – Absentees, most of the elder ones gardening or assisting their parents in planting the field potatoes.
24th April – Holiday – Choral Festival at Brecon.
26th April – Closed school at 4 to prepare for the missionary meeting in the evening. Very thin attendance.
30th April – Many absent owing to Talgarth Fair. The elder children generally staying at home to take care of the little ones while their parents attend the fair.
7th May – Admitted Eli Farr, aged 7. Reading good, writing and figures very backward. Came from the dame school in the village.
14th May – Mrs Palin in charge of school the greater part of the morning as I was obliged to attend the parish meeting held in the church at 11.00.
17th May – General holiday, Pleasure and Hiring Fair, Hay.
25th June – Mrs Palin in school from 11.00 until 12.15 as I was obliged to attend the parish meeting held in the Sunday School room.

Number on books April 8th – 74. July 2nd – 81.
Average attendance – 52. Highest – 63; Lowest – 40.

July 16th – Many absent, both girls and boys, assisting their parents in the hay fields and minding the little ones at home.
6th August – Small attendance due to wet morning and the harvest about to start.
7th August – Closed school at 12.00 and gave half holiday in the afternoon on account of the Oddfellows Club day.
10th August – 3 weeks’ holiday.
5th Sept. – Absentees due to late harvest and the unsettled state of the weather.
Sept. 10th - Absentees still engaged in harvesting and gleaning or assisting their parents.
Sept. 12th – Children dismissed half an hour early to enable them to attend the Bible meeting held in the Sunday School.

Number on books July 2nd – 81. Oct. 1st – 86.
Average for quarter – 48. Highest – 59; Lowest – 30.

Oct. 9th – Rev. C. Bradley visited.
1st Nov.- School closed 12.00 to 2.30 as the Headmaster was employed during that time in the churchyard.
14th Nov. – Mrs Palin in charge of the school from 12.00 to 12.30 and from 2.00 to 3.30 as the Headmaster was engaged with Mrs Allen’s funeral.
10th Dec. – complaints of a few of the boys and girls not behaving as well in church during the service as they ought to.
21st Dec. – Started a fortnight’s holiday.

Number on books Oct. 1st – 86. Jan. 7th - 76
Average – 45.


9th Jan. – Mrs Palin had the care of the school from 3.00 until 4.00 as I was engaged in the church - during this time they had silent work in desks.
14th – 18th Jan. – Holidays owing to the severity of the weather.
31st Jan. - Mrs Palin had the care of the school from 10.30 till 12.00 as the Head engaged with the management of Mrs Powell’s funeral at Newport.
21st Feb. - Mrs Palin had the care of the school from 10.30 and throughout the day as I had occasion to go to Hay on very important business.
16th March- Being Ash Wednesday the children attended Divine Service in the Parish church at 11.00.
18th March – Owing to the severe frost and very heavy fall of snow, few children were present and those were in top classes and could only work when seated around the fires.
25th March – Mrs Palin took charge from 3.30 to 4.30 as I was engaged in the churchyard with a funeral.
18th April – Start of week’s Easter holiday.

Number on books January 7th - 76. April 1st – 81
Average attendance – 42.

30th April – Missionary meeting.
1st May - Mrs Palin had the care of the school from 3.30 until close as I was engaged with the funeral of Mr T. Jones, who was formerly for 40 years master of this school. He died aged 96 years.
15th May – Attendance below average as the elder boys were busy potato planting in their gardens or fields
17th May – Holiday, pleasure Fair – Hay.
23rd May – 3 boys severely punished for behaving badly in church last Sunday. There were noisy and did not keep quiet after they were spoken to they were kept in during playhours and received a good share of the rod.
31st May – Many of the children went out at 12.00 an account of the charity bread being distributed in the school room in the churchyard.
14th June - Mrs Palin had the care of the school from 11.30 to 12.00 as I was obliged to attend the parish meeting.
18th June - Mrs Palin had the care of the school from 10.30 till closing time as I was engaged at the church viz. wedding by license.
19th June – Walter de Winton Esq., one of the largest subscribers to the school, gave the children an excellent tea of tea and plum cake in commemoration of his marriage. Many of the ladies of the neighbourhood kindly assisting in ministering to the wants of the children and presenting each scholar in the 1st and 2nd classes neatly bound prayer book. They had a variety of outdoor sports, including racing, jumping etc. for prizes and small sums of money.
24th June - Many absent as assisting in the hay harvest or nursing while their mothers were out working.
25th June – Absentees owing to the opening of the New Baptist Chapel in the village.
27th June – holiday on account of the District Festival held at Talgarth in connection with the Brecon Church Choral Union.

Number on books April 1st – 81 July 1st - 73
Average attendance – 51

22nd July -2 boys punished for being noisy and over troublesome in church on Sunday, chiefly talking and making a noise with their feet.
5th Aug – 2 boys severely punished with the rod for behaving badly in church last Sunday; not only talking but making a noise with their books and their feet.
6th Aug – Children dismissed at 12.00 on account of the “club” in the village.
16th Aug – Broke up for 1 month; harvest holidays.
4th Oct. – Annual school treat kindly given by Rev. C. Bradley, vicar. Present Rev. Alford and Miss Allen, Miss Wood and others.

Number on books July 1st – 73 Oct. 1st - 69
Quarterly average 54.

30th Oct. – Children attended church service in the afternoon – harvest.
4th Nov. – Admitted boy aged 11 years; very backward except in writing. He came from Velindre Infant School.
12th Nov. – Gave half holiday in the afternoon on account of “concert” in aid of the School. It was under the patronage of Mrs De Winton of Maesllwch and was a decided success; the sum of £7.10.0 was handed over to the school funds after all expenses were paid.
22nd Nov. – Many children absent from school owing to the Hay races.
27th Nov. – Very few in first class owing to the coursing meeting in the village.
5th Dec. – Many of the little ones absent owing to the stormy weather, raining almost incessantly the whole of the morning.
20th Dec. – 2 weeks off for Christmas.

Number on books ?
Average attendance – 54.


Jan. 22nd – Very few in school, snowing all morning. Kept all the little ones at home.
Jan. 23rd – Sorry to find the whooping cough is very prevalent in the neighbourhood and is the case of so many being absent.
Feb. 20th – Ash Wednesday; attended divine service in church.
1st April – Closed school at 1.00 as I was called away as parish clerk with business in the churchyard.
6th April – Absentees busy assisting their parents in the gardens or planting potatoes in the fields.
9th April – Week’s holiday for Easter.
14th May – Great many were late in the afternoon; they had been bathing in the river i.e. the boys.
18th May – Usual holiday on account of the Hay pleasure fair.
21st May – Attended divine service in the church at 11.00. Very few in school the whole of the week owing to hiring at Hay.
26th May – Church missionary meeting in the evening.
28th May – Many absent owing to a severe thunder storm in the early part of the morning which continued till noon.
20th July – Many of the 1st and 2nd class engaged in the harvest, the attendance fallen off considerably; very little chance of better attendance until after the harvest.
24th July – School off 1 month – harvest holidays.
16th Sep. – Rev Alford hopes we should soon have the new desks for we are very much in want of them.
23rd Sep. – Many of the first class on potato or apple picking or seeking acorns for their pigs.
24th Sep. – The carpenter was in school all day replacing the pegs for the children to hang their caps, bonnets etc. on. The children on mainly silent work as their attention was interrupted by the carpenter.
7th Oct. – The roof of the school is in want of repair and must be attended to at once. Rev. Alford ordered me to speak to the mason at once, for the necessary work to be done.
12th Oct. – Absentees still apple picking or potato picking or acorn picking.
22nd Oct. – Mrs Palin in charge of school during the greater part of the day as I was engaged at the church.
23rd Oct. – Treat in the afternoon given by Misses Bridgewater in honour of their brother’s (Col. Bridgewater of Broomfield) marriage. The children had a variety of games in the afternoon. Then they had tea and plum cake in abundance. Then the children sang. Then address by Rev. Bridgewater. Present were Mrs Offord, Misses Alford, J. Bridgewater, Miss Jones, Miss Eames, Mrs Perry, Rev. H. Bridgewater and several others. Mrs Honeyfield as usual made the tea.
26th Oct. – The new desks were brought by the carpenter and are a great convenience for the school. We are now well supplied with school furniture in many respects.
4th Dec. – Many absent owing to the very stormy day – chiefly girls.
24th Dec. – 1 week only for Christmas.


5th Jan. – Mrs Palin opened and superintended school in the morning, during my absence at Talybont.
5th Feb. – A boy found 2d on common and honestly brought it to me – no-one present in school had lost the pence. The owner was found the following Monday, viz. A. Williams. Rewarded him 1d.
10th Feb. – Ash Wednesday. Attended divine service at 11.00
11th Feb. – Snowy all morning – children around fires.
2nd March – Mrs Palin superintended school – self attended battalion drill at Brecon.
15ht March – Many absent owing to the severity of the weather – chiefly little ones.
4th April – Dispensed with fires and arranged the desks and forms for summer months – much the better arrangement of the two.
27th April – Mrs Palin very ill. Dismissed 3.30 as missionary meeting in the evening.
6th May – Children dismissed half an hour earlier in order to have practice for the concert.
7th May – School closed at 3.30; concert in the village in the evening.
11th May – Heinemeir’s entertainment took place in school in the evening. Very fairly attended – the school will be let no more for such purposes.
17th May – holiday for Hay pleasure fair.
24th May – Admitted 8 fresh scholars, chiefly in 4th class and infant section. None has any knowledge of writing and figures having only attended dame schools in the village.
28th May – Many were allowed to go home earlier in the morning as the charity bread was distributed in the Sunday school room by Rev. Alford and churchwarden.
7th June – Sarah Jones was very backward in all subjects except reading. Hannah Sheen the same – both from dame school.
14th June – Many were late owing to the fair at Hay. Admitted 4 more from dame school. No idea of writing and figures.
21st June – Absentees for hay harvest.
12th July – Great falling off in upper classes, engaged in hay harvest and will be for some time.
20th July – The annual school treat in the afternoon from 5 – 8. 84 present. They enjoyed themselves well.
The Misses Alford present. Kindly given by the Rev. C. Bradley, vicar.
23rd July – Mrs Palin left home today.
30th July – Holiday to have an opportunity of watching the Volunteer Movements (?) on Rhosgoch Common – Grand Field Day and Review Inspection of the whole battalion of the County.
3rd Aug. – Holiday; Oddfellows Club walk.
13th Aug. – Harvest holidays.
15th Sep. – Holiday as I was at Hereford.
29th Sep. – Harvest thanksgiving service in the afternoon – children attended as usual.
11th Oct. – Attendance much below the average owing to the large “butter and cheese fair” at Hay.
21st Oct. – Great many absent, chiefly engaged in picking apples and potatoes and will be for several days to come.
8th Nov. – Several boys absent in the upper classes, walking the boundary of Colonel Woods’ property, this and the following days.
13th Dec. – Donovan and Lloyd preparing estimate for supplying school with a constant supply of clean water from a well on the common.
17th Dec. – Pipton children prevented from coming to school on account of the high flood.
24th Dec. – 1 week Christmas holidays.


4th Jan. – Tithe audit at Three Cocks Inn; a few of the oldest ones absent from school on that account.
12th Jan. – Mrs Palin in charge as I was in Hay.
21st Jan. – Holiday preparing room for the concert n the evening, given by the Church Choir.
14-18th Feb. – This week treated as holiday – not a dozen present owing to the severity of the weather. Very frosty and bitter cold east wind – in fact quite boisterous.
2nd March – Ash Wednesday. Children attended church service at 11.00.
14th-17th March – School closed this week owing to my illness. Influenza and inflammation.
14th April – Start of one week’s holiday for Easter.
26th April – In the afternoon preparing for the missionary meeting in the evening.
16th May – Holiday – Hay pleasure fair.
27th May – Many absent owing to the Charity Bread being distributed in Sunday School as usual.
13th June – A. Whitney returned after 3 months’ absence – been to a private school in the village.
7th July – School treat in the afternoon. Very few ladies and subscribers present.
22nd July – Many of the children falling ill of the measles, the attendance decreasing accordingly. Owing to the thin attendance on account of the prevalence of measles we had private work in desks and on Friday (29th) gave notice of the usual month’s harvest holiday.
29th Aug. – Very few children assembled as many of them are sick of the measles and unable to be present.
1st Oct. – Remarkably windy and stormy – many of the distant ones absent.
25th Oct. – Rev. A. Alford, C.A. Wood, Esq. and Mr John Nott met in the schoolroom to consult as to the best method of action in response to the new Education Act; finally resolved to call a meeting after having written to the Rev. J.W.D .Herman, H.M. Inspector of Schools.
28th Nov. – Education meeting at Masesllwch Arms.
5th Dec. – Parish meeting in the school on the Education Act 1870 (11-12). Adjourned to next Monday.
9th Dec. – Holiday after 3.00 on account of the concert in the village. Commenced school a little before.
12th Dec. – Holiday as parish meeting in school 11 – 1. Education Act.
21st Dec. – Holiday, meeting on Education Act.
23rd Dec. – Start of 2 weeks’ Christmas holiday.


16th Jan. – Many of the distant ones late owing to the very wet morning.
24th Jan. – Girls Sewing – chiefly towelling - kindly provided by Miss Pratt of Pipton Villa.
7th Feb. – Mrs Palin had charge of the school in the afternoon as I attended school concert at Dorstone, Herefordshire.
10th Feb. – Closed school at 4 to enable children in the choir to attend their supper, Tyruched.
22nd Feb. – Ash Wednesday. Children attended Divine Service in the parish church at 11.00. They behaved well and were attentive to the service.
17th April – Admitted 5 scholars from dame schools; good readers but totally ignorant of writing.
24th April – The attendance is now the best for 10 years, nearly 90 children have been present sometime during the week. Missionary meeting Tuesday afternoon.
17th May – Hay pleasure fair, when we give usual holiday or they would take it.
14th July – Inspection at 2.00 by H.M.I.; afterwards school treat when many ladies were present attending to the wants of the children who were much pleased with the attention thus shown them.
28th July – one and a half days holiday to allow the head to attend the “camp” on Rhosgoch Common as one of the volunteers of the 4th Brecon, Hay.
1st Aug. – the attendance this week below the average on account of Glasbury Club of Oddfellows celebrating their outing, when a holiday is usually given or the children will absent themselves without leave.
23rd Aug. – As the harvest has become general we decided to give the usual 1 month’s harvest holiday.
20th Sept. – John Jones had the misfortune to fall from a tree and broke his leg near the ankle. Very seriously. Took advantage of this to speak of the dangers of climbing, especially in trees.
28th Sept. – Rev. S. Alford a few minutes before closing. Spoke of new vicar Rev. Jas. Newman and of probable alterations in school affairs.
2nd Oct. – Began school fires and in consequence rearranged the classes and desks. Rev. Alford spoke of the school repairs, and hoped they would soon be done.
10th Oct. – Many absent due to butter and cheese fair at Hay.
3th Oct. – Harvest Thanksgiving in afternoon – church service at 3.00; sermon by Rev. J. Thomas, vicar of Llowes. Collection in aid of the Glasbury parochial church school when £7.10.0 was by this means added to the school fund.
30th Oct. – Some few of the scholars have left owing to the roof being in such bad condition. Letting in the rain very much in some places, especially the side on which the tiles are. Orders have been given to the mason to repair the same as soon as possible but the weather has prevented him doing so.
10th Nov. – Mrs Palin had care of the school on Friday as I assisted in removing furniture from a house on fire at the end of the common.
17th Nov. – The roof of the school repaired this week by Mr Hughes who usually does the school work.
24th Nov. – Many absent Friday owing to the Oddfellows concert.
31st Nov. – Mrs Palin had charge of school on Thursday as I was engaged at the church the greater part of the day at a wedding.
22nd Dec. Start of 2 weeks Christmas holidays.


12th Jan. – Rev. J. Newman, the vicar of the parish and manager of this school, visited here on Friday at 11.00. Better to go on as usual at present. The school funds are very low, partly owing to unsettled state of the parish and the “Education Question”.
12th Feb. – Admitted 4 fresh scholars in lower classes; ignorant of figures and backward in other subject. They have all been to dame schools in the village.
20th Feb. – Meeting held in the school at 11.15 in connection with the proposed new schools at Velindre and Ffynnongynnydd. Postponed owing to the absence of the Chairman, the Vicar. Uncertain when the meeting will be held as the Vicar has gone away on ill-health, probably for a month.
5th April – Holiday as I was out with friends from Radnorshire. The usual Easter holidays were not had this year. Intending to have them in May.
19th April –Many children absent as the charity bread was distributed by the churchwardens in the Sunday School room.
7th May – The missionary meeting disturbed us a little in preparing for it in the evening.
17th May – Attendance very indifferent this week due to Hay Fair. Holiday given on Friday.
12th July – General Wood and son visited school in the evening. Inspected building and premises – thought them disgraceful; consulted Mr Bornwell.
15th July – A meeting was held in the school house respecting the school repairs and the building of a classroom. General Wood, the “Lord of the Manor”, kindly undertaking to pay half of the expenses provided the work is begun on or before Sept. 16th, 1872. The magnificent offer was accepted by the following gentlemen who were present:
Rev. E. Bornwell, Mr John Nott, Mr Houndsfield and Mr Jacobs.
26th July – The holidays commenced on Monday to enable me to go to camp at Mynydd Illtydd, Brecon Beacons, where the Bredwardine Volunteers remain from July 29th to August 7th under canvas.
9th Sept. – Commenced school (after 6 weeks holiday, partly due to the late harvest weather). In the Sunday School as the repairs required by H.M.I. are being fully carried out viz. The upper side reroofed, new fireplaces, separate offices with distinct approaches, and taking up the stone floor and putting a boarded one. The estimated cost being over £200 – Mr Thomas Hughes, Mason, and Mr James Lewis, Carpenter, undertaking the work.
8th Oct. – The children had a half holiday to enable me to assist Llowes Choir at their Harvest Thanksgiving service (full cathedral service). School as usual in the afternoon.
16th Oct. – School closed, Brecon Archdiocesan Choral Union Festival in Priory Church –upwards of 600 voices.
The repairs and addition at the school are going on satisfactorily, considering the weather – scarcely a day being free from having rain or drizzling showers.
22nd Oct. – Mr Mellor complained of 3 boys raiding his orchard.
20th Dec. – Christmas – 2 weeks holiday.


22nd Jan. – Holiday to give the Head a day’s sport.
6th Feb. – Moved many of the books, slates etc. to the old school room and at noon the forms and desks in preparation for the following week.
10th Feb. – High work not quite finished – commenced school in the old ?
17th March – Many absent as a heavy fall of snow prevented the distant ones coming.
No Easter holidays.
2nd May – Half day holiday owing to a concert in the village in connection with the Glasbury Lodge of Oddfellows M.U.
6th May – Children dismissed at 12.10 to given them the opportunity of seeing the wild beast show pass the church. Mason at work finished the classroom and girls porch. Carpenter finished boys’ porch. Mr Mellor visited school in the evening, officially as treasurer of the ? road improvement committee. Work going on too slowly.
19th May – Many absent owing to the second day of Hay May pleasure fair.
16th June – this week the painters were at work the whole of the week, colouring etc. and interfered much with the ordinary work of the school that I was obliged to work as best I could, primarily in the classroom and silent work going on in the large room. Mr Nott and Mr Houndsfield visited the school on Wednesday and thoroughly inspected the alterations and improvements.
18th July – Over 120 children were present. The treat took place at the Lodge. Mr and Mrs Wood kindly making everything pleasant for the children and the numerous subscribers who were present. The Rev. F.J. Wybrow acted as Treasurer.
18th Aug. – Began school with attendance much below the average, partly in consequence of the late harvest owing to the wet weather.
26th Aug – A holiday was given in consequence of Hay Flower Show.
12th Sept. – Many absent preparing, no doubt, for Glasbury Flower Show on Saturday, getting wild flowers.
8th Oct. – The school was closed from Wednesday, 8th October until Monday, 20th October as I was seriously ill with tonsillitis or quinsy and unable to speak for several days.
24th Dec. – 1 week’s holiday.


4th May – many absent on Monday – Brecon May pleasure and hiring fairs.
18th May – Holiday as Hay pleasure and hiring fairs
13th July – Many children absent, Scarlet Fever is likely to spread in the neighbourhood – is raging now in several parts and is of a very contagious character.
22nd July – Inspection; 107 present.
4th Aug. – Holiday – Oddfellows walk and outing. The average is falling off, probably owing to the harvest operations which are getting very general in this neighbourhood.
7th Aug. – Harvest holidays started for 1 month.
8th Sept. – Glasbury Flower Show held at A. Battiscombe Esq., Woodlands.
17th Oct. – Saturday, a meeting of masters and mistresses was held in the classroom where teachers from Brecon, Builth and Hay and a few from Herefordshire were present.
15th Dec. – no school the second half of the week owing to a heavy fall of snow during Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.
24th Dec. – 1 week’s Christmas holiday.


15th Jan. – Holiday, partly to prepare for the Christmas treat in the afternoon. Children met at 2 and visitors and subscribers at 3. A very pleasant evening was spent. A great many friends of the school were present and kindly assisted. Most of the managers were superintending.
22nd Feb. – Attendance much below the usual average owing to a fall of snow – 6 inches to 1 foot deep.
5th April – Ammonds, the mason, repaired the steps at the girls’ entrance. The repair was necessary as the rain came in very much when the east wind prevailed.
20th April – The Easter subject is going on nicely. The Village Blacksmith they know very well and Isaac Ashford nearly so.
8th May – Mrs Palin in charge of school as I was planting field potatoes.
17th May – Usual holiday on account of Hay pleasure fair.
7th June – Cwmbach Chapel Anniversary and tea party caused the children from that district to be absent.
2nd July – Hay harvest having commenced, may of the older children are away assisting the farmers or their parents.
30th July – Usual month’s harvest holiday.
3rd Sep. – Holiday on account of Glasbury Flower Show when many of the children competed in the ring of wildflowers.
11th Sep. – Saturday a committee meeting of the school managers was held; present: Rev. J. Newman, Vicar, Rev. F.J. Wybrow, Curate, A. Battiscombe, Esq., J.F. Houndsfield, Esq., J. Nott, Esq., chiefly explaining and signing the papers in connection with Geo. Papet, pupil teacher. The whole of the managers signed. The loss of £18 – General Grant – was next considered and after much discussion it was decided to get up a concert for the benefit of the master.
9th Nov. – It is gratifying to report a most unusual occurrence this week. Since the ladies have superintended the sewing, school marks have been regularly given for attendance, good conduct, cleanliness and work. Prizes were given for the highest number of marks. The prizes consisted of cuffs and collars, pocket handkerchiefs, and were distributed by Misses Wood and Mrs Battiscombe.
24th Dec.- School closed for a week’s Christmas holiday.


24th Feb. - Attendance good though the weather continues most unfavourable for those coming long distances.
17th March – Notwithstanding the snow during the week, the attendance continues remarkably good. The higher classes are regularly full, in fact much above the average – while many absent in lower classes, especially infants.
15-19th April – Notwithstanding the yearly pleasure fair at Hay on 17th, when a holiday is always given, the attendance is remarkable, showing an average of 101.
2nd June – School closed June 2nd, opened 14th August. Fever.
14th Aug. – Children assembled tolerably well after the school being closed 10 weeks owing to sudden outbreak of Scarlet Fever of a malignant kind in our family. Many children left school, some to service and others to another school.
4th Sep. – Complaints made by Miss Jones of Penlan; several boys robbing the orchard and frightened the pony in the meadow. She gave them a good reprimanding. The boys promised not to interfere again in any way.
25th Sep. – Attendance slightly lower than the last 2 weeks; cause - apple picking.
16th Oct. – Decrease in the average owing to the many cases of measles, children chiefly in the 2nd and 1st standards. More than half of these standards absent. Cause: measles and apple picking.
23rd Oct. – Attendance irregular and low; cause – measles, acorn picking, potato picking.
During the month of October upwards of 20 families had children with measles at one time.
13th Nov. – Attendance much below the average owing to a heavy fall of snow Saturday evening and Sunday morning.
20th Nov. – Phoebe Kinsey commenced duty as Monitor – very steady and painstaking girl in standard work as well as in sewing, knitting and darning.
19th Dec. – Last week the school fees were raised and altered according to the following scale:

Labourers: 1 child 3d weekly 2/6 quarterly
2 children 5d weekly 4/3 quarterly
3 children 6d weekly 5/- quarterly
All above that number free.

Under £100 rental and rates, Tradesmen: 5d weekly 4/6 quarterly
Over £100 rental under £150 rental: 6d weekly 5/- quarterly
Over £150 rental under £200 rental: 8d weekly 7/- quarterly

22nd Dec. - School closed for a 2 weeks’ Christmas holiday.


8th Jan. – Began school with very good numbers indeed, probably owing to the coming treat – viz. Christmas tree.
19th Jan. – Holiday – Christmas tree; children assembled at 2.00 p.m..
17th Feb. – Saturday – a school managers meeting took place; great many absent chiefly owing to the wet and snowy morning.
19th Feb. – Average very high – 110. Attendance regular. Mrs Battiscombe began with sewing again and informed us of a ladies committee appointed to superintend the sewing and darning. Mrs Palin taking the knitting and cutting out.
30th March – Closed school as usual Good Friday and gave notice of holiday Easter Monday on account of a grand Eisteddfod held in a large meadow in the village.
23rd April – Mrs Palin and P.J. conducted the school in the afternoon as I was obliged to attend a meeting in the village.
17th May – Hay pleasure fair so day’s holiday. Attendance remarkably good most of the week; generally this is one of the worst weeks in the year.
7th June – Holiday as Brecon Choral Festival in connection with the Archdiocese Choral Union.
13-15th June – 3 days holiday to enable me to spend those days in the Brecon Volunteer camp at Cefn Mael ?
6th Aug. –Attendance fallen off very much – reason sickness and the opening of Velindre School.
7th Aug. – Holiday – Oddfellows club meeting.
14th Sep. – Attendance small owing to the late harvest.
24th Sep. – Many special enquiries of the absentees this week, sending messages by the children and calling myself at their homes. Most were employed by their parents in the harvest fields – gleaning or picking potatoes.
2nd Oct. – Special enquiries again of all absentees and sent out notices issued by National Society respecting the employment of children under age and without the certificate of attendance and pass.
15th Oct. – Improvement in attendance; several parents called respecting notices sent out.
23rd Oct. – Half day holiday as ploughing match in the village.
7th Nov. – Case of insubordination – William Williams, Pontithel, refused to hold out his hand. Sent home until his mother was seen. She came Friday and told me to enforce his obedience with the cane.
16th Nov. – Mary Jones of Velindre to continue at this school, but no more to be received from this distric without a note from Rev. F.J. Wybrow.
19th- 23rd Nov. – A stormy week affected the school very much causing the attendance to be very irregular although a very great number have been present during the week.
30th Nov. – all the children attended church service at 11.00
21st Dec. – Notice as usual 2 weeks Christmas holidays.

Written by F.J. Wybrow:
To your letter of 15th November, 1877: I have to state that the registers have been tampered with so badly that my ? feel bound to suspend their recognition of the master, Mr Palin, for 2 years for the 1st instance, besides deducting three tenths of the grant. I am to request that you will communicate this decision to Mr Palin. A certified teacher to take his place should be appointed without delay. The managers must in future exercise much more careful inspection over the registers.


8th March – I, the undersigned (F. Thomas) reopened this school on Monday, 4th March, the Rev. Wybrow, the Hon. Sec, being present with the whole of the managers. The registers were rewritten and marked at 10.15.
On Tuesday a new timetable was constructed and hung up, and since then the instruction has been regular.
6th March – Ash Wednesday. All the children attended church.
Furniture – only 6 of the 5th Royals ** for the upper classes; not a sound blackboard and one set of readers. One of the maps (Europe) with roller off. No stool for master. Average 66. Number on register 75. There are 3 classes, one under the only teacher, Geo. Russell, one under the master’s charge. The infants are under a monitor. One monitor payed 5/- a quarter.
22nd March – The infants have been taught in the large room as they are being ?? and the P.T.’s class have been taught in the classroom.
27th March – Master absent on business.
28th March – In the morning photographs taken of the children by Mr D. Grant of Builth.
29th March – Only 10 present due to snow.
27th April – Rev. Wybrow and Rev. Morgan called to give notice of the annual distribution of bread. (Mr Morgan will succeed Mr Wybrow).
3rd May –Attendance improved but many children are sick as the mumps are prevalent.
17th May – Holiday today according to custom, being Hay (May Pleasure) Fair.
29th May – Today on the occasion of the burial of the squire of Maesllwch the children were absent in the afternoon to attend the funeral.
21st June – The attendance has been good.
5th July – Monitor resigned his class on account of health. Mr Price visited today and paid quarter’s bill for paupers.
6th Aug. – Kept school this morning until 11 then the scholars were dismissed, owing to small attendance. Oddfellows annual club meeting.
9th Aug. – 1 week’s holiday.
20th Sept. Annie Smith is new monitor.
7th Oct. – Mr Price called and paid bill 8/9 for paupers.
25th Oct. – Today there has been an attraction which, though frequent, does not diminish in interest viz. A tea party and only 52 were present.
15th Nov. – The attendance this week has been greatly decreased (58) owing to the weather. On many days many boys were getting wood for fuel, brought down by the heavy storm on Sunday and on Tuesday the ground was covered with snow. Many of the children are kept away owing to the cold and some will not come again until Spring.
20th Dec. – Broke up at noon for a fortnight.

** Royal Readers were a series of 8 books covering reading and spelling from the commencement of school to final matriculation.


10th Jan. - Very few scholars; snow has been on the ground all week and the drifts are very deep. There is little hope of getting the smaller and delicate children to attend until the mild weather arrives.
10th Feb. – On Friday afternoon the children were treated to a capital tea kindly given by Mrs Evans of Glasbury House and other ladies. The party began soon after 4, with bread and butter which was afterwards supplanted by cake. There were over 200 children present and they were tended by the teachers and ladies, Miss Batty, Messrs Watkins and Nott, and others while Mrs Evans, Miss Jones and Mrs Honeyfield (presided over by Mrs Evans) made the tea. At 6.00 p.m. the children were readmitted to hear a concert prepared for them. A. Battiscombe, Esq., was elected chairman and Mr J.L. Lewis conducted the glees. The children were orderly and behaved fairly, seeming to enjoy themselves. The concert was ended by a speech from Mr Morgan and the children departed at 8.50 p.m. They had considerably over 2 hours entertainment. At the door each child was presented with a plum.
26th March – Ash Wednesday, children in church.
17th June – Holiday owing to Archdiocesan choral Festival at Brecon in which all the teachers and a few children took part.
16th July – Today, owing to there being 2 tea parties in the village in the afternoon, kept school till 1.00 p.m. then dismissed for the day.
18th July – Attendance poor, many children being gone to camp near Hay as usual.
16th July – Children took seven prizes in the sewing competition at Brecon on Saturday, our school having taken 3 more and others less. Many children leaving school now the inspection is over.
22nd Aug. – Broke up at 12.00 for 4 weeks’ holiday.
26th Sep. - Reopened school with low attendance (41), partly owing to the weather which has been, as usual, wet.
10th Oct. – Over 60, attendance improving; fine weather all the week so that about 10 or 12 are still absent at the harvest. Master absent on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, examining Ffynnon Gynydd school.
31st Oct. – Fires lit this week. Have lost 4/- from the desk this week. Suspicion pointed to a boy who had been known to spend 2/- or 3/- and who, when asked, could give no account of how he earned it, and also said he had only 1d in his pocket, but on being made to turn out, had 5d, some tobacco and matches. He was sent away and his father has been made acquainted with it and has promised to “to get to the bottom of it.”
14th Nov. – The attendance is still low (54) owing to the great amount of sickness – there have been several cases this week of Diphtheria, one little girl having succumbed to this malady.
28th Nov. – Attendance still bad, probably owing to sickness; another little girl died of Diphtheria this week at Pontithel.
12th Dec. – Attendance again descended to only 33 owing to sickness. The Attendance Officer called and decided that the school be closed for a month. But Mr Morgan wishes to keep on to the end of next week.
One child buried from the common this week having died of Diphtheria but none of the family are attending school.
19th Dec. – As there were few present this morning. Broke up for a fortnight.

Average per week 41
Highest average for quarter 59
General average for quarter 50
Comparing last year: highest 82; average 65.


13th Jan. – Reopened yesterday, a week late as the school having been whitened being not ready last Monday. Children going to vicarage to receive jerseys and petticoats given by Mrs Wood to 41 of the best attenders for the last half year.
16th Jan. – As there was a heavy snowstorm on Tuesday the attendance which had improved so will decrease.
15th Feb. – Attendance figure today of 70. Ash Wednesday – all the children and teachers attended church.

Average for quarter – 62.

6th April - Holiday being polling day for County elections; not so many present as expected.
7th May – Weather warm. Fires dispensed with and stove taken down.
10th May – Holiday on Monday being May Fair at Hay.
2nd June – A holiday to allow the teachers to attend the Brecon Archdiocesan Choral Festival at Builth. Since then the attendance has been poor, probably owing to the heavy rain we have had since Tuesday.
18th June – Yesterday many children went to the Hereford Agricultural Show at Hay so there was a general holiday. Heavy rain all the week.
16th July – Infants in large room after 10.00 a.m.
6th Aug. – On Tuesday work commenced at 9.00 and ends at 11.15 a.m., owing to the Oddfellows Club Feast, and there was a half holiday.
13th Aug. – Girls knitting and sewing all day for the exhibition, one today and tomorrow (12th and 13th) at Brecon – another held at this school next Tuesday (17th).
20th Aug. – On Tuesday prizes were given for needlework by Mrs Battiscombe in the presence of the ladies of the neighbourhood, and the needlework was on exhibition for parents and for sale.
8th Sep. – Cold enough to require fires.
15th Oct. – On Tuesday, being Harvest Thanksgiving day, there was a half holiday. Messrs Battiscombe and Evans visited on Tuesday after service to inspect premises previous to service being held here, during restoration of the church.
10th Dec. – On Thursday afternoon there was no school, owing to the children being feasted on tea and cake, provided by subscribers on the occasion of Mrs De Winton’s second marriage with the Hon. Geoffrey Hill.


11th Jan. – I, Joseph Warwick, reopened this school, “Glasbury National” today. The ground covered with several inches of snow. Number present – 17. Registers not marked.
18th Jan. – More snow, the road impassable so the school closed for the rest of the week.
21st Jan. – Snow – only a few children can attend.
28th Jan. – The roads a little better.
4th Feb. – Most of the snow gone. Examined the school. The whole of the lessons seem to have been neglected. The school is in a very backward state.
4th Mar. – Gave out that the four upper standards must provide their own slates.
11th Mar. – Warned the boys about going down to the river.
18th Mar – 90 present on Monday.
8th May – Holiday. The master married.
10th June – No school on Thursday as opening of the church.
5th Aug. – Holiday, harvest caused several to be absent. Sunday School tea party.
12th Aug. - A month’s holiday.

Extract from H.M.I. Report :
“The drainage of the offices belonging to the girls and the master’s house is in a most unsatisfactory condition and is estimated in my opinion to produce fever in the master’s house. The matter should be looked to at once”.

10th Oct. – Commenced the repairs of the school.
14th Oct. – A hurricane. One family attacked with Scarlet Fever. Several absent apple and potato picking. Fever cases not to attend school until after Christmas.
25th Nov. – Miss Jones of Penlan visited.
9th Dec. – the roads are in a very bad state, consequently most of the little ones are absent.
23rd Dec. – Christmas holidays – one week.


31st Mar – Closed for 1 week for Easter holidays.
12th May – It being Hay Fair week very thin school.
24th June – The Pupil Teachers’ examination at this school. Miss Wood visited on Wednesday and assisted with sewing.
10th July – The hay harvest being started, several in the upper standards absent.
1st Aug. – Holiday, Club Feast. Glasbury School obtained 5 prizes at the Brecon Exhibition of Needlework.
11th Aug. – Closed for 1 month’s harvest holidays.

Teachers listed in H.M.I. Report: A. Smith; Joseph Warwick, Master; Annie Smith, Pupil Teacher in her 4th year.

11th Sep. – Reopened; very small –harvest not finished.
20th Sep. – Girls’ Friendly ~Society tea party. Scarlet Fever in the master’s house. Dr. Williams, Talgarth, ordered the school to be closed this day, Thursday, 21st September.
30th Oct. – School reopened. Schoolroom, classroom, porches and closets whitewashed and disinfected. No smell. Weather very stormy.
21sdt Nov. – Holidays. Captain Wood returns home from Egypt.
10th Dec. – Numbers small this week as roads blocked with snow.
24th Dec. – Christmas holiday.


12th Jan. – Holiday, tea party at Mr Battiscombe’s Friday afternoon.
12th Feb. – Several absent with the whooping cough.
23rd Feb. – Whooping cough – several fresh cases.
9th March – Whooping cough still very bad – numbers small.
23rd March – The school closed for a week’s holiday – new windows, painted etc.
6th April - An increase in numbers; several returned who have had whooping cough.
19th May – Numbers small, it being Hay Fair week.
1st June – John Davies, Three Cocks, absent with the measles.
8th June – Punished George Jones, Pontithel, for idleness. The father came about it but retired satisfied that he had deserved it.
18th June – a holiday, Church Choral Festival.
24th June – Fever at the Post Office – measles.
29th June – Holiday, Church anniversary.
1st July – The funeral of the Rev. Newman, Vicar. Children attended. Registers not marked, school not being opened till after lunch.
27th July – The Rev. J.K. Lewis visited Tuesday morning. Whilst giving dictation to Standard II in the large room, he rushed in to the classroom and struck 2 little boys; the master called him to order. He apologised. The mother of one of the boys complained to the Rev. J.K. Lewis, also to the master. The master persuaded her to let the matter drop.
1st Aug. – Tea party – Gwernyfed Park. Esquire Wood brings his bride home.
7th Aug. – Holiday in afternoon as Club feast.
16th Aug. – School closed for month’s harvest holidays.
28th Sep. – Esquire Wood visited the school.
12th Oct. – Commenced fires. Sent sewing to the Brecon Exhibition.
22nd Oct. – Obtained 6 prizes in the exhibition of needlework.
10th Dec. – The ventilator blew off the roof on Tuesday night. Masons repaired the roof on Thursday and Friday.
21st Dec. – School closed for a week – Christmas holidays.


3rd Jan. – Holiday – Sunday School tea party.
9th Jan. - Fever broke out on this side of the river. Mr Williams ordered two families not to attend school.
25th Jan. – Fever broke out on the other side of the river.
2nd April – A circus at Hay on Tuesday; numbers very small – 35.
16th April – Hay Fair – numbers small.
25th May – A committee meeting Monday evening. It was decided to have neither assistant nor pupil teacher, numbers not requiring.
29th June – Back coal brought up Saturday. Warned the boys against going to the river.
7th July – The Master proposed to the school they should give a testament to A. Smith on her leaving Glasbury School.
8th Aug. – School closed for harvest holidays.
26th Sep. – Exhibition of needlework in Brecon. 9 prizes gained at this – seven first and 2 second.
3rd Oct. – Commenced with fires on Monday.
19th Dec. – Fortnight’s Christmas holiday.


5th Jan. – I, Joseph Booth Marshall, having been appointed Head Teacher of Glasbury National School on December 24th , 1884, commenced duties immediately after the Christmas holiday. The Rev. H.H. Gibbon was present at the opening.
23rd Jan. – After 3 weeks’ work in school, I must come to the conclusion of the school being in a very backward condition.
30th Jan. – School closed on Wednesday afternoon so preparations could be made for a grand concert in the evening.
13th Feb. – Rev. H.H. Gibbon, Rev. Lewis, Mrs Gibbon and friends visited.
6th March – Emma Williams, ran out of school, Monday afternoon. On Friday she was told to stand on the stool, and as soon as she liked to come to me and apologise. She refused to obey the first order, is punished and then states that what she is doing, was doing on Monday, was by her parents’ order. Her mother sent for and she takes the child away because of her punishment.
13th March – Mr Lewis, Relieving Officer, called on Monday and paid fees for several children of the last quarter.
2nd April – 1 week’s Easter holiday.
22nd May – Holiday for Hay Fair.
5th June – Several children ill with measles.
12th June, Mr Lewis, the Relieving Officer, called yesterday and paid £4.10.0. for Bessie and James Thomas, school fees.
17th June – Dr. Apple... of Hay (medical officer of Health, Hay District Sanitary Authority) demanded the closure of the school for 3 weeks in consequence of a severe epidemic of measles in the parish of Glasbury.

School fees: In the Parish Out of the Parish

Labourers’ children: 1 child 3d a week; 2/6 a quarter 1 child 4d a week; 4/- a quarter
2 children 5d a week; 4/3 a quarter 2 children 7d a week; 5/- a quarter
3 (or more) 6d a week; 5/- a quarter 3 (or more) 9d a week; 7/6 a quarter

Master Tradesmen, 1 child 4d a week; 4/- a quarter 1 child 5d a week; 4/6 a quarter
Farmers & others: 2 children 7d a week; 6/-a quarter 2 children 9d a week; 7/6 a quarter
3 (or more) 9d a week; 7/6 a quarter 3 (or more) 1/- a week; 10/- a quarter
All moneys to be paid on Monday morning. Quarterly fees payable in advance. If not, no deduction is made. One attendance in every week charged as a week.

14th July – No children from Pontithel on account of the measles.
7th Aug. – Holiday on account of school feast, then 2 weeks holiday.
28th Aug. – Numbers low on account harvest.
24th Sep. – Friday school closed and a treat given to the children.
9th Oct. – Harvest thanksgiving at church. School closed for holiday. Received complaint from Mr Williams about the children breaking hedges on the common. The children were accordingly cautioned.
27th Nov. - Visitors Tuesday – Rev. H.H. Gibbon and Miss Jones, who brought a subscription towards a football for the boys.
4th Dec. – On Monday the boys had this football. On Wednesday the school closed on account of the polling for the General Election.
24th Dec. – School closed for 2 weeks’ Christmas holiday.


8th Jan. – Heavy fall of snow on Tuesday night, no children on Wednesday. No school for a week.
29th Jan. – Expelled ??? Parry for stupidity and very bad language to me before the children; not the first case of obstinacy. His mother came to complain. Re-admitted with a caution next week.
5th March – Very heavy snowstorm again on Sunday night. One present on Monday, six on Tuesday and Wednesday. Registers not marked and school closed after Wednesday. Children on Monday and Tuesday kept a short time to warm themselves.
12th March – William Worthing expelled for refusing to do work. He had been threatened several time previous to this.
7th May – Bread distributed today at the Church. Registers marked and closed at 1.45 to enable the children to meet their parents.
9th June – Received a telegram from home stating that my father was severely ill and I was to go at once. Closed school.
18th June – Opened school on Tuesday as soon as possible after the funeral attendance.
29th July – 8 weeks harvest holidays. Items out of report: “It will be difficult, if not impossible, for the Master to teach so many subjects and gain the good mark for the school as a whole unless more help is given to him”.
1st Sep. – Tea for Sunday School scholars at Tyruched so a half holiday.
22nd Oct. – 3 window panes broken during Sunday. Could not discover those who had done the damage.
29th Oct. – Miss Bridgewater visited. Many away potato picking.
5th Nov. – Brecon Fair so a holiday.
23rd Dec. – 2 Weeks’ Christmas holidays.


28th Jan. – Football match between this school and Ffynnongynnydd – a half-holiday.
18th Feb. – On Tuesday Charles Smith was sent for fees (3/9). His brother returned in the afternoon with the money and an insulting note ????? to cross Charles’ name off the book.
18th March – Heavy fall of snow on Monday night; no school on Tuesday. Very few Wednesday.
3rd May – The Right Hon. W.E. Gladstone passed through Three Cocks on his way to ??? at about 4.00. Many parents kept their children at home.
24th June – Tuesday and Wednesday – holiday on account of the Jubilee celebrations on the common.
8th July – The Committee have decided not to repair the walls of the school until the children are away for their holiday.
4th Aug. – The Club feast. School closed for 4 weeks’ holiday.
2nd Sep. – School not yet repaired.
9th Sep. – The children are away gathering mushrooms. Hay horse show so a half holiday on Thursday.
6th Oc. – Holiday on Friday for harvest thanksgiving.
22nd Oct. –Tuesday a half holiday on the occasion of Miss Battiscombe’s marriage with Edward Butler, Esq., Llangoed Castle. Friday, the Jubilee mugs were distributed after school.
4th Nov. - Tuesday – exceedingly wet weather. No school in the morning, when only 3 came. About 13 in the afternoon. Very poor attendance all the week. Many “beating” for J. Wood, Esq., Chairman of the School Committee. Sent a report to the School Attendance Officer.
18th Nov. – Diphtheria at Mintons. Others staying away on account of it. Attendance small.
22nd Dec. – Closed school for 2 weeks’ holiday. Notice given that the scholars were to have a Christmas treat at J. Wood, Esq.’s house.


21st Jan. – John Worthing splintered the collar bone of Allan Jenkins; had to speak about rough play and stone throwing.
29th March – Heavy snow so school began at 9.30.
18th May – May Fair at Hay – a half holiday.
15th June – Holiday on Wednesday – Choral festival.
29th June – Received a note from Mrs Williams, Llwynaubach stating she had withdrawn her children because they had been sent home for pence.
3rd Aug. – Attendance gets worse on account of hay making. Half holiday on Friday – self went to Clifford church re-opening. Holiday 6th – 27th August.
20th Sep. – Agricultural Show at Talgarth on Thursday. Half holiday was given.
28th Sep. – Marriage of Miss Smith, late assistant mistress.
5th Oct. – Volunteers in the Park, Gwernyfed, on Wednesday evening; a half holiday.
20th Dec. – 2 weeks’ Christmas holiday.


11th Jan. – Re-admitted Alice Minton after having been to service. Tea for choir do on Friday evening – half holiday.
18th Jan. – School closed on Wednesday because of no coal, which had been repeatedly sent for. It appears to be the fault of hauliers.
8th Feb. – Scarlet Fever reported at Jas. Mallam’s.

Extract of H.M.I. report:

“Visited April 1st without notice. The school still needs re-decorating. There is an insufficient number of hat pegs in the porch. The clock is out of repair. It is hoped the managers will not further delay making the schoolroom as attractive as it should be”.

16th Aug – Closed at 4.05 p.m. on Monday for Prof. Monks’ performance with dogs.
1st Oct. – Harvest thanksgiving on Wednesday – holiday.
1st Nov. – Boys away picking acorns during the week.
20th Dec. - 2 weeks’ Christmas holiday.


5th Feb – Received notice from the Relieving Officer that the fees for John Gittens’ children will be paid from January 23rd.
10th Feb. – Only 36; influenza causing the absence of many.
11th Feb. – Worse – only 20.
12th Feb. – 17 present.
13th Feb. – only 12 so no school; Friday also given off.
1st April – Fees for Gittens can’t be paid any longer.
26th May – Fete at Hay; gave half day holiday because only 38 were present in the morning.
18th June – Choral Festival at Brecon – holiday.
23rd July – I. Minton went home yesterday and came this morning with stones in his pocket, one of which was thrown at the Master. Closed for 3 weeks’ holiday.
18th Sept.- School tea in the evening – half holiday.
29th Sep. – Numbers small – meeting at chapel.
3rd Oct. – Holiday on account of harvest thanksgiving.
7th Nov. – Very stormy day – stove cannot be used.
16th Dec. – Rev. H.H. Gibbon visited regarding the children’s concert which takes place next week.
18th Dec. - 2 weeks’ Christmas holiday.


10th March – School re-opened. Heavy snowstorm during the previous weeks. Bitterly cold day. School closed all week.
29th April – Choral Festival at St. Peter’s Church and tea in school room so holiday.
1st May – Very rainy day – school closed.
1st June – Influenza has spread; has caused the attendance to fall off, only 27 present this morning.
4th June - Exceedingly heavy rain, only 7 present in the morning.
16th June – Club walk today; holiday is generally given.
20th June – Many children absent the whole week. Another report sent to the School Attendance Officer because the time for holiday is not generally so early.

Extract from report:
“The school premises seem to need thorough overhauling and repainting. The offices are not sub-divided and they were not over clean”.

25th Aug – Very wet morning. Holiday in the afternoon on account of sports in the village.
9th Sep – Visitors – Rev. H.H. Gibbon and J. Wood, Esq., who called in reference to the alterations of the out buildings.
14th Sep. – Rainy day – few scholars.
26th Oct. – Began with fires – but not in stove.
6th Nov. – Talgarth Fair on Monday and Brecon on Tuesday making a little difference in attendance. The whooping cough has almost disappeared.
4th Dec. – Influenza reported again.
23rd Dec. - 2 weeks’ Christmas holiday.


13th Jan. – Closed on Wednesday for the week on account of deep snow.
21st Jan. – Attention of Rev. H.H. Gibbon called to the state of the premises, particularly to a dangerous tree by the school gate.
16th Feb. – Admitted 3 scholars from Llanigon.
19th Feb. – Heavy fall of snow, bitterly cold day. No school.
8th April – All Ponthithel children away Wednesday afternoon – Pontithel races.
13th May – Had to close Wednesday on account of a festival in the church. No school Thursday and Friday owing to the cleaning of the school.
10th June – Half holiday on Whit Monday – sports at Hay.
24th June – Club walk on Tuesday – holiday in the afternoon.
8th July – Several older children away hay making.
16th July – Polling day on 14thJuly; school closed for use of electors.
27th July – Half day on Tuesday – tea in school for Girls’ Friendly Society. Closed on Wednesday for the week and summer vacation.
14th Oct. – Holiday on Tuesday on account of harvest thanksgiving at the church. Very wet on Friday, small school. Fires commenced.
21st Oct. – Committee meeting held on Monday to consider repairs required in school.
2nd Dec. – Mr Butcher came on Monday to measure for a new stove.
2 weeks’ Christmas holiday.


Almost impassable on the common, particularly for children. No school Monday and Tuesday. Opened on Wednesday with only 13 present.
20th Jan. – New stove placed in school but no coke supplied for it.
7th April – Easter Monday – school closed as usual. Case of Scarlet Fever reported from Pontithel.
14th April. – Opened with 19. Sickness very prevalent – sudden attack of measles or something similar. School could not be held on Tuesday and the remainder of the week; parents too much afraid to send children.
19th May – May fair on 17th and 18th at Hay with usual effect on attendance.
23rd June - Tuesday – the day of the club feast – sports held.
5th July – Wednesday - Festival of church choirs at Brecon – holiday. Thursday holiday - marriage of the Duke of York and Princess Mary – tea for children in the village. School closed till Monday.

Extract from H.M.I. report:
“The rooms are somewhat damp; that the building is not in very good repair; that the main room is not very well lighted; that the ventilation is not good; that more pegs are needed for hats and cloaks; that the closets are not sub-divided and not sufficiently screened from observation and that some of the teaching apparatus is worn out”.

23rd July – 4 weeks’ holiday.
1st Sep. – Meeting of the managers to consider the report regarding repairs etc. Result – master dismissed so that a mistress can be engaged.
8th Sep. – Horse Show at Hay. Holiday on Tuesday. Called the Rev. H.H. Gibbon’s attention last week to 2 broken panes.
22nd Sep. – Managers have allowed self a day to visit a distance in view of another situation.
29th Sep. – Holiday on Friday – harvest thanksgiving.
6th Oct. – Harvest thanksgiving at Baptist chapel on Friday – closed at 3.30 p.m.
31st Oct. – Closed afternoon on Thursday for the week on account of change of teachers – Mrs Jones, Talachdu, has been appointed.
6th Nov. – I, Fanny Jones, commenced duties as mistress of this school. There were 47 children present in the morning.
12th Dec. – No children present all day owing to the terrific wind and rain.
15th Dec. – Attendance poor throughout the week owing to the wet and stormy weather and a good deal of sickness.
19th Dec. – Very wet and stormy all day; no children present.
22nd Dec. – Attendance poor throughout the week owing to the Christmas markets and sickness prevailing. 2 weeks’ Christmas holiday.


25th Jan. – School closed early in order that the school room might be got ready for a church meeting.
26th April – Many away – a Band of Hope ?? in the afternoon; attendance very poor.
1st May -1 or 2 of the elder children absent owing to May Fair in Brecon.
8th May – Attendance poor owing to Talgarth Fair.
17th May – Gave the children a holiday, it being Hay Fair.
4th June – Very wet and stormy - no children present in the morning.

Extract from report:
“The managers should leave no time in completing the improvements mentioned in last year’s report. In reply to your letter without date received in this office on the 30th June, 1894, I am directed to state that my Lords consider it necessary that each closet should be separate as required by the code”.

6th July – Hay holiday.
22nd Aug. – Half holiday – Primrose League demonstration.
20th Aug. – At a meeting of the managers it was agreed to engage Lena Smith as a mistress for the ensuing 8 months to assist with the infants.
24th Sep. – Attendance very poor owing to Talgarth Fair and also it being a very wet day.
25th Sep. – Weather very wet and stormy; children unable to attend owing to water being out in many parts.
2nd Oct. – Attendance poor owing to harvest thanksgiving services being held at the Baptist Chapel.
9th Oct. – Holiday all day. Harvest thanksgiving services being held in the church.
10th Oct. – Attendance rather poor today – Hay Fair.
30th Oct. – Holiday as Glasbury and Wyeside Ploughing, hedging and shearing competitions.
2nd Nov. – Talgarth Fair, attendance poor.
6th Dec. – School closed early, there being a performance for the children at 4.00 on ventriloquism.
17th Dec. – No school. School in use as a polling booth for the Rural District Councillors of Tregoyd and Velindre.
20th Dec. – Attendance poor, Christmas market at Hay.


School reopened. Unable to open for 2 previous weeks owing to bad weather. Roads impassable owing to deep snow. Today only 20 present in the morning.
28th Jan. – Several children away for 3 weeks, sick. Whooping Cough and Influenza prevalent among the children.
29th Jan. – Unable to open school for a week due to deep snow.
4th Feb. – Weather still very bad and several children sick, there being only 28 children present today.
7th March – Small school due to Hay Fair.
17th May – No children present owing to a large fair at Hay. Holiday all day.

Extract from report :
“ As the results generally were so poor the school is declared inefficient. I am therefore directed to give the managers formal warning under Article 86 of the Code that the grant may be withheld under that Article at the next annual inspection if he again reports the school to be inefficient. I am to request that the managers will state what steps they propose to take to restore the school to efficiency”.

2nd Aug. – School closed for 1 month.
3rd Sep. – Gave a half holiday at the request of the managers, the school being used for a tea for the Christian Union.
1st Oct. – Attendance very poor in the morning owing to it being very wet and stormy in the morning and a tea meeting at Maesyronnen in the afternoon.
14th Oct. – Several children absent some owing to Talgarth Fair and others potato picking.
8th Nov. – Gave the children a holiday in the afternoon, the managers wanted the walls to be cleaned down and the bottom whitewashed.
6th Dec. – Weather very stormy, few children present. Rev. H.H. Gibbon visited in the afternoon when I asked him if we might be provided with some disinfectant to sprinkle about the school and yards. Scarlet Fever seems to be coming amongst the children; there being 5 children away this week in consequence of sickness.
20th Dec. - 2 weeks’ Christmas holiday.


9th Jan. – Reopened school; unable to open before as the workmen were repainting and cleaning the walls.
13th Feb. – Half day holiday as the school to be prepared for a supper and service in connection with St. Peter’s.
26th Feb. – Only 22 present due to measles, so school closed for a fortnight.
7th April – Poor attendance as a dole of bread being given away in the afternoon.
18th May – Hay Fair – half day holiday.
19th May – Hay Fair – half day holiday.
25th May – Whit Monday. There being a club walk in the morning and an eisteddfod in the afternoon a holiday all day.
17th June – The children had a holiday. A choral festival taking place at Brecon, the mistress and most of the older scholars went.
31st July – Closed for 1 month.
15th Sep. – Holiday, church harvest thanksgiving service, morning. School treat in the afternoon.
25th Sep. – Hon. Mrs Wood and Miss Wood visited in the afternoon and gave out the sewing prizes to the girls.
9th Nov. – Roy, Eddie and Herbert Smith unable to attend school owing to Scarlet Fever at home.
1st Dec. – Holiday as the boys had a football match.
3rd Dec. – Attendance poor as Talgarth fair.
18th Dec. – Closed for 2 weeks’ Christmas holiday.


20th Jan. – Heavy fall of snow. Roads in some places almost impassable School closed for 1 week.
10th March – Tom Jones, Pontithel, came to say he was not coming to school any more as he had obtained a place to help in the gardens at Tregoyd.
23rd March – H.M.I. called. Report: “School visited; found 53 children present, but 55 marked present. The attendance and admission registers should be kept posted up to date. No entry has been made in the log book since 1st February. The desks need repairing and the schoolroom floor is dirty”.
15th April – Obliged to give a holiday in the afternoon as nearly all the mothers wanted the children to help carry home the bread.
19th April – Talgarth fair day and a flood being in the rivers on Saturday. Several children out of the village gathering sticks so poor attendance.
23rd April – Pollie Prothero, pupil teacher, off with flu.
3rd May – Unable to attend school owing to the sudden death of my husband from concussion, caused by being thrown by a horse.
5th May Miss Hargest, a certificated mistress, finally came from Brecon to take charge of the school for the remainder of the week.
6th May – The children had a holiday in the afternoon as they expressed a wish to attend the funeral.
11th May – Attendance poor owing to much sickness and Talgarth fair.
2nd June – Whit Monday. Children had a holiday all day, there being a club walk in the morning and sports in the afternoon.
16th June – Mr C. Butcher visited the school in the afternoon for the purpose of ascertaining the names of children in the parish.
18th June – The school was visited in the afternoon by Rev. H.H. Gibbon and C. Butcher, Esq. for the purpose of distributing jubilee mugs to the children in honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.
22nd June – The children had a day’s holiday in honour of the Queen’s Jubilee.
30th July – Closed for 1 month.
29th Aug. – Unable to reopen today as the school is undergoing repairs.
10th Sep. – Attendance down owing to the horse show being held at Hay.
13th Oct. – Attendance poor owing to Talgarth fair, All Saints harvest thanksgiving service and Maesyronnen tea party.
5th Nov. – Attendance poor throughout the week owing to Brecon fair.
24th Dec. - 2 weeks’ Christmas holiday.


11th Jan. – Talgarth fair attendance small in consequence.
31st Jan. – Attendance very poor this morning, 43 present. Influenza prevalent among the children.
4th Feb. – Unable to make much headway with the work this morning owing to so much sickness among the children.
30th March – Lena Smith (Monitor) away with mumps; her brother Herbert has been away with the same complaint.
18th April – Only 47 present this morning as against 65. Talgarth Fair.
6th May – 2 children came to school today who have been living in a neighbouring parish (All Saints?) who have never been to school before and don’t even know their letters.
10th May – Attendance poor – Talgarth Fair and the mumps still prevalent among the children.
17th May – Holiday all day – Hay Fair. No children present in the morning so was obliged to give a whole holiday instead of a half holiday as intended.
26th May – Maesyronnen tea party; several children absent.
30th May – Whit Monday. Holiday all day there being an eisteddfod in connection with the Foresters’ Club in Glasbury.
3rd June – Clerical meeting held in the classroom from 2 – 4.
15th July – Attendance very poor throughout the week owing to hay harvest.
20th July – Obliged to give a half holiday in the afternoon; nearly all the children being away owing to a tea party at Pontithel in connection with the Baptists.
29th July – closed for 1 month’s holiday.
8th Sep. – Attendance very poor today. Hay horse show.
18th Oct. – Very heavy rain and floods; unable to open school. The roads are impassable in many places; unceasing rain for 4 days.
31st Oct. – Attendance poor in the afternoon, some children having gone to Velindre to a tea party in connection with the Christian Union.
1st Nov. – Attendance poor again today, some of the big boys gone beating for a shooting party at Gwernyfed, and Brecon Fair.
2nd Nov. – Only 38 present this morning, some gone to Hereford to see Barnum and Bailey’s show, others gone to Talgarth or Brecon to the fairs.
4th Nov. – Only 44 present this afternoon – Brecon Fair. Sent children away to attend the funeral of Edith Jones, the Shop, the Congregational Sunday School following her to the grave.
29th Nov. – Tea party in connection with the Baptist Sunday School – consequently only 49 in the afternoon.
21st Dec. – As Brecon, Hay and Talgarth Christmas markets are to be tomorrow, and I find from the children that the greater part of them are going, closed for 2 weeks.


12th Jan. -The children had a half holiday as they were having a tea party and magic lantern entertainment.
18th Jan. – The children had a half holiday, there being a parish service in the evening. The room being prepared.
27th March – Attendance very poor owing to Hay fair.
10th April – The Rev. T. Williams of Llowes visited the school in the afternoon to make arrangements for the Diocesan Scripture exam to be held here on Saturday.
21st April – It being so dark in school this afternoon about 2.30 – 2.45 it was impossible to continue lessons.
17th May – 2 days’ holiday – fair at Hay.
20th May – C. Butcher, Esq. (the Treasurer of the school) brought a new desk to the school this morning.
14th June – Only 53 out of 70 present this morning owing in a great measure to a circus at Talgarth.
15th June – Attendance not so good this afternoon owing to Thornhill’s Menagerie being at Hay.
20th June – Half holiday. Tea party at Tyruched for the nonconformist Sunday schools, also a choral festival at Brecon in which the St. Peter’s choir took part.

From H.M.I. report:
“Proper desks should be provided without delay as the desk accommodation is insufficient. The school walls require colouring inside and out. During the past year this school has been entirely supported by government grants and the grant from Betton’s charity. Nothing has been committed towards its support by the locality.

21st July – Closed for 1 month.
29th Aug. – C. Butcher, Esq., Treasurer of the school, visited in the morning to say that the maps etc. had better not be put up on the walls as the managers intended colouring and painting the school at their earliest convenience after convening a meeting.
7th Sep. – Having had a very heavy thunderstorm during the night and torrents of rain this morning there were only 27 children present this morning. As the children nearly all came wet through we sang a few hymns during the scripture lesson time while Lena was drying the children’s stocking, boots and pinafores in the house.
12th Sep. – Poor attendance, some of the children having gone to the harvest thanksgiving service at the Baptist Chapel.
25th Sep. – Holiday all day, choir trip.
10th Oct. – Attendance very poor today on account of Hay fair.
13th Oct. – Talgarth fair – low attendance.
6th Nov. – Tea party for the Christian Union caused a very poor attendance this afternoon.
8th Nov. – The vicar visited in the morning. I asked him to speak to one or two of the big boys who are in the habit of smoking cigarettes and also to one boy who repeatedly uses rude words.
9th Nov. – Had occasion to leave the school for half an hour to attend to one of the boys who had severely Burnt his leg. A box of matches accidentally went on fire in his trouser pocket. His leg was very badly burnt in consequent and I had to dress it.
24th Nov. – Lena Smith (Monitor) at Llowes all week. Mrs Lowes’ husband died very suddenly. School closed early on 30th November so that I could go to the funeral. Mrs Cliff ?? sent a teacher to cover for Lena.
20th Dec. - 2 weeks’ Christmas holiday.


10th Jan. – Only 42 present in the afternoon owing to a Christmas treat and Sunday School treat at the Baptist Chapel.
9th Feb. – Half holiday owing to a concert in the afternoon.
14th Feb. – Very heavy fall of snow; unable to keep school the roads being impassable. School closed for a week.
19th March – School closed for 2 days due to heavy snow on Sunday evening.
17th May - 2 days’ holiday due to fairs at Hay.
31st May – Attendance poor – Talgarth Fair. News came this afternoon that Pretoria was taken. The vicar thought the children ought be have a whole day holiday in honour.
2nd June – Whit Monday – several children absent owing to a military concert at Hay.
25th June – A combined Sunday School treat for all the non-conformist denominations in Glasbury, Velindre and Ponthithel compelled us to gave a holiday in the afternoon.
4th July –Half day holiday for assistant and teachers to attend a choral festival at Talgarth.
12th July – A whirlwind and terrific thunderstorm came on about 1.00.
3rd Aug. – Closed for 1 months’ holiday.
10th Sep. – Reopened school a week late due to the renovation of the school.
26th Sep. – Holiday whilst the assistant and myself went with the choir on a trip to Aberystwyth.
12th Nov. – Heard this morning that one of the infant scholars (Lily Jones) who had been away for 6 weeks and had returned last Wednesday, not very well, had died this morning from diphtheria.
15th Nov. – Attendance low – colds & sore throats; this sudden death causing some anxiety among the girls.
14th Dec. – Holiday for children to prepare for a concert they were giving in the evening.
22nd Dec. - 2 weeks’ Christmas holiday.


9th Jan. – Heavy fall of snow – only 22 present so closed for a week.
13th Feb. – Tea and Christmas tree at Baptist Chapel; attendance very poor in the afternoon.
19th Feb. – A coursing match at Gwernyfed is keeping all the big boys away today.
18th March – Holiday, as several wanting to attend the confirmations.
20th March – Weather very stormy and snowy; school closed 3 days.
3rd April – Had to give the children a holiday this afternoon owing to the bread belonging to the Gwenddwr Charity being given out at the vestry at 3.00 . Also it is customary for many of the children to go to Hay on the Thursday before Easter so school closed until Easter today.
14th May – Many absentees – Talgarth fair.
17th May – Holiday – Hay fair.
18th June – The children had a holiday all day as the Sunday Schools, both belonging to the church and the chapels, were having their annual treat.
8th July – School closed early for the summer holidays as the mistress called home to her mother who was dying.
20th Aug. – Half holiday. The day scholars had their annual tea.
27th Aug. – Half holiday as sports in connection with the Church of England’s temperance movement. But the afternoon turned wet so they were obliged to be postponed until 10th September.
10th Sep. – Half holiday as nearly all the children are competing in the sports held today.
17th Sep. – Poor attendance as a meeting and harvest thanksgiving service at the Baptist Chapel.
8th Oct. – Attendance poor in the morning; several children gone to see the wedding of the Baptist minister.
13th Dec. – Snow, school closed 2 days.
22nd Dec. - 2 weeks’ Christmas holiday.


28th Jan. – Baptist Christmas tree and treat in connection with the Sunday School - only 36 children present.
20th April – School left to Assistant as mistress called home for her father’s death for a week.
28th April – A meeting of the Governing Body of the Aid Grant Federation being held in the schoolroom.
19th May – Holiday as it was Whit Monday and Hay Fair.
3rd June –The children had a tea in honour of the peace declared in South Africa.
17th June – The children had a holiday as the assistant and myself went to Brecon to attend a choral festival.
26th-27th June – 2 days’ holiday for the Coronation. Tea and sports.
14th July. – Half day holiday in connection with the nonconformist Sunday School.
18th July – Children still away helping with the hay.
31st July – School closed for summer – 5 weeks.
1st Aug. – Coronation mugs distributed in the schoolroom by Col. and the Hon. Mrs Wood.
21st Oct. – The Sergeant Drill Instructor came and drilled the boys on the common, 11.30 – 12.30. 19th Dec. – Broke up for 2 weeks.


List of Subscribers to Glasbury School 1816



Miss Hughes: - for the building of the school house
Col. Wood, Lord of the Manor of Glasbury
Lady Caroline Wood
Walter Wilkins, Esq., MP
Walter Wilkins, Esq. Jun
Hon. Mrs Wilkins
Lady Hereford
Mrs Allen
Henry Allen, Esq., Aberllynfi
Sir Charles Morgan, Bart., MP
Miss Morgan
Miss Morgan
Miss Morgan
Rev. Mr Warry, Vicar
Mrs Williams
Mrs Howell
Miss J. Hughes
John Phillips, Esq.
Joseph Hughes, Esq.
Mr Morgan, Treble Hill
Mr J.W. Morgan
Mr John Morgan
Mr Jones, London
Rev. M. Jones, Glasbury
Hent Allen, Esq., Brecon
Mrs Allen, Brecon
A..... B....
Rev. Archdeacon Davies
A lady
John Pearce, Esq. Brecon
Mr Thomas Pierce, Dowlais
Mrs M. Howarth
Major General Sir Edward Howarth
Rev. William Allen, Hereford
Mr James Snead, Monmouth
Miss Pritchard, Penlan
Mr Davies, Hay
Mr Owen Griffiths of Church St., Chelsea
by the hands of John Phillips, Esq.
The Misses Allen of the Lodge
Rev. William Powell

Donations for Setting up the School
and erecting a house for the master

£ 5-5-0
£ 5-5-0
£ 5-5-0
£ 5-5-0
£ 5-5-0
£ 5-5-0
£ 5-5-0
£ 5-5-0
£ 5-5-0
£ 5-5-0
£ 5-5-0
£ 5-5-0
£ 5-5-0
£ 5-5-0
£ 5-5-0

£ 5-5-0
£ 5-5-0
£ 5-5-0

Annual Subscription - 1816


£2 -2-0
£2 -2-0
£2 -2-0
£2 -2-0
£2 -2-0
£2 -2-0
£2 -2-0
£2 -2-0
£2 -2-0
£2 -2-0



Biographical Notes : --

Mr Palin, head from 1863-1881 was living at the School House in Dorstone in 1881 according to the census.

Joseph Warwick, who became head in 1881 was a widower, aged 43 in 1881 (born 1838 in Shuckbugh, Warwickshire).

In 1861 Joseph was unmarried and a schoolmaster, living with his father, Joshua, a timber sawyer, in Southam, Warwickshire.
In 1881 he was lodging at the Bridgend in Llyswen.
In 1871 he was a schoolmaster in Newtown, Montgomeryshire, lodging with a farmer called Edward Lewis.
In 1871 Frederick Tregrine Wybrow* (born 1843 in Cornwall ) was a curate in Newtown, Montgomeryshire. He later served as a curate in Glasbury. Was this connection responsible for Joseph Warwick obtaining headship of Glasbury School ?

* Rev. Wybrow was first mentioned in logbooks around 1873. In 1881 he was vicar of Michaelchurch Escley and St. Margarets.

Appendix 1

12th September, 1814.

Reverend Sir,

It being in contemplation for some time, with a few individuals in this parish, to introduce into it the Madras system of education, an almost insuperable obstacle lay in the way for its accomplishment, namely a schoolroom suitable for this purpose. But now, through the liberal offer of a charitable lady, a Miss Hughes, that obstacle is done away. She has promised me that she will be at the expense of erecting a schoolroom, provided we may have the patronage and support of the National Society. I beg leave, therefore, through you, to submit her proposal to that honourable and excellent institution, and earnestly to request your assistance, either towards the accomplishment of our objective in the establishment of it, or toward its annual support when established.
The subscription towards it support, I am afraid, will be but small, indeed too small to pay a Master for the charity children alone; our plan, therefore, is to unite it with the present school and by a graduated scale of prices, according to the abilities of the parents, regulate the admission of the children of those who are able to pay. The Master of the present school, who is an intelligible, good natured man, in every respect well calculated for the purpose, being a strict member of the Church of England, is willing to learn the new system and to apply it. The numbers of children who will need their education gratis may amount at the lowest calculation to between 60 and 70 and that of those who will be able to pay, more or less, as many again, I mean 60 or 70 more. As I am almost a stranger to the Madras system and having no-one near capable to give me any information, I humbly request further your advice respecting the best method of proceeding upon the above plan, if that plan will meet with your approbation. I should likewise wish very much to know, if it is not too much to request, the size and dimension of a room sufficient to hold 150 children, with a description of the inside, how the desks, forms etc. are positioned.
Your early answer is particularly requested as I shall not begin the building till I hear from you; and as I am desirous of having it covered in before the winter closes in there is not much time to lose. If any further information is necessary I shall be happy to afford it.

I remain, Sir, yours very respectfully,

J.W. Jones, Curate


It is the wish of those who have the management of the school at Glasbury that the same should be united to the National Society.

In this school the National System of teaching is adopted. The children are instructed in the liturgy and catechism of the Established Church ad constantly after Divine Service at their parish church on the Lord’s Day.

No religious tracts shall be used in the school but which are, or shall be, contained in the catalogue of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.

Thos. Warry, Vicar of Glasbury.

on reverse of document:

Rev. Warry,                            Application for Union
Glasbury,                                Glasbury near Hay, Brecon
Brecon                                    September (?) 18th, 1816
November 18th, 1816

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