The Glasbury Chapels and Churches
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Saint Peters Church - on the Breconshire side
07 04 2014
The earliest mention of religion at Glasbury is the formation of a Clas by St Cynidr, which may have been at Fynnon Gynydd ( near the well ) or at Glasbury, by the river; this latter option being the favoured location at this time.
The Normans built a new church on the north side of the river at Glasbury  and dedicated this to St Peter. This church was abandoned in the mid 17th century when serious flooding changed the course of the river and another church was built on the south ( Breconshire ) side of the river in 1665. In 1838 a more substantial church was built on the present site.
Following the annexation of that part of Glasbury south of the river to Breconshire in 1844 due to the Counties (Detached Parts) Act, the new church of All Saints was built at Cwmbach in 1883. This being on the Radnorshire side.
Prior to this two non-conformist chapels/churches had been built. The first of these was Maesyronnen Chapel, circa 1665, then the Methodist Chapel at Cwnbach in 1818. The United Reform Chapel on the Green and the Baptist Chapel by the Bridge were built in 1886..

Maesyronnen Chapel - Ffynnon Gynydd    
07 04 2014

The remains of the old Norman Church - between the Wye and the Llynfi
28 01 2014

All Saints Church at Cwmbach
04 05 2015

The Baptist Chapel by the bridge
06 04 2014

Wesleyan Methodist Church at Cwmbach
09 07 2014
United Reform Chapel on the Green
09 04 2014

B Bowker
May 5th 2015

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