An Acknowledgement for the contributors, the contributions
and the support in compiling this web-site

An initial acknowledgement is to the fellow founding members who created the Glasbury History Group on the 10th of March 2013 at a meeting in the Harp Inn at Glasbury.
These people were   : -   Chris Aldridge, Graham Day, David Edlin, Paul Greenow, Barbara Lloyd, Derek Price and Darren Ricketts.

Further acknowledgements are to the people who have kindly contributed articles for posting on the site, sometimes more than one and sometimes with photographs. Below is a list of the current authors and long may it continue to grow : -
Pat Darlison, David Edlin, Christine Forbes ( nee Lloyd ) , Dorothy Hill ( nee Saunders ), Evelyn Howland ( nee Williams ), Margaret A.V.Gill, The Hughes family of Brynyrhydd, Steven Jones, Colin Lewis, Barbara Lloyd, Fred Lloyd, Steve and Judy Mullard, Jim Perrin, Janet Robinson, Pat Summers, Liz Summerson Richard Turnbull, Robin Whitchurch.

Thanks to the people who have contributed photographs, artwork and literature / books / artefacts, which have been digitised and used alongside the articles or stored for future use. These people are as follows : -
Ian Birch, Geraldine Cleary, Brigid Edlin ( nee Cooper ), John Everington, Christine Forbes ( nee Lloyd ), Elizabeth Fry, Dawn Greenow, Paul Greenow, Margaret A.V.Gill, Marion Griffiths, Evelyn Howland, Clive James, Peter Leighton, Colin Lewis, Sheila Leitch, Bob and Gill Little, Barbara Lloyd, Fred and Megan Lloyd, Sheila Sharpe ( nee Morgan ), David Opie, Joyce Phillips, Aubrey Price, Kathleen Price ( nee Ralphs ), John Smith, Mike Stather, Robert Ralphs, Ian and Anne Taylor, Mrs C Theel (nee Summers ), Roderick Williams ( Evelyn Howland's brother ).

Thanks to the following people who have agreed to share their local knowledge and experiences with me and to have these recorded for the audio collection of the history group : -
Nigel Keylock and John Thomas on 13/08/2011 in the Harp Inn at Glasbury - General chat, lots of background noise
Fred and Megan Lloyd, John Thomas and Huw Morgan ( Roche Morgan's son ) on 16/11/2011 at Fred and Megan's bungalow at Ffynnon Gynydd - General chat.
Steve and Val Jones, Honor Bowker on 18/02/2012 at the Waun cottage - Concerning the Waun cottage.
Aubrey and Ruth Price on 30/03/2012 at Llwynpenderi Farm - Upbringing, lifestyle, Begwyns etc.
Nigel and Lynn Keylock on 23/04/2012 at their house in the Fold, Glasbury - Concerning butchering over the years.
Mike Like on 26/06/2012 at Mike's house in Brookside, Three Cocks - General chat.
Fred Lloyd and John Thomas ( with a cameo from Megan Lloyd ) on 06/07/2012 at Fred and Megan's bungalow at Ffynnon Gynydd - Garage talk.
John Fitzgerald and Liz Bowden on 21/12/2012 at their house in Twin Oaks, Glasbury - Concerning arrival at Glasbury and Glasbury Arts.
Dave and Gwen Opie on 04/01/2014 at their house Maes yr Afon in Glasbury - Of their arrival and employment in Glasbury.
Cynthia Arrowsmith and Ann Jones on 28/01/2014 at Ann's house in Clyro - General chat.
Fay Briffitt and Honor Bowker on 09/02/2013 at Fay's flat in , Los Gigantes, Tenerife - Glasbury talk and Cubs / Guides activity.
Arthur Nicholls on 02/12/2014 at Crosvilog farm, Painscastle - Begwyns talk over the years.
Clive James on 03/11/2016 at Hengardd, Pontithel - Mainly Funeral Provision in the Glasbury area

Derek Price for lending his cassette tape of  : -
    Roche Morgan with Derek Price and John Smith - on Roche Morgan talking about his life's experiences in the area and beyond.

and which has been segmented, edited and digitised for the archive over a period from 29/04/2013 onwards.

It is appreciated that several pages and sections of the site have been taken verbatim from the invaluable Clwyd Powys Archaeological Trust, a site which has proved to be an unending and useful source for material and research purposes.

Lastly a thank-you to all the people who have encouraged, added input and supported me in the production of the site and a special mention of the people who are the backbone of the Glasbury History Group; namely  : -  David Edlin, Christine Forbes ( nee Lloyd ) and Paul Greenow.

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